M. bison general overview/potential, options and more!

Hello guys, I’m going to start a little project of mine, the name/purpose of course It’ll remain a secret, for now. However I’d like the help of the community on this. I’ll need some information about the character, I’m do this for every character in the game except Toro/Kuro/Cole/Megaman, so I’ll ask a few questions to gather what I need. I’m doing this but I won’t be a slacker, as in, I’ll be searching every thread to look for what I need, but since some threads aren’t updated in a while, this would be helpful to me and for the community, 'cause the information would be updated.

When giving the information asked try to be specific and clear, regarding inputs and etc, and if you want I’ll gather the values, so you guys won’t need to worry about that. The ideia is to get a general overview of the characters options and potential, I’m talking about hitconfirms, setups and etc.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

.What are the characters strong and weak points?

  • From Shadoloo Doll

.Suitable Partners(no need to be exhaustive here, because I’ll play around with this):

.Meterless/Ex(Super/Cross Art) Combos:

.Char specific Setups(on knockdown for example):

I’ll contribute strengths and weakness

Strong points-

-Dominates most characters the air- Hell Attack has high priority that leads to 352 damage combo off a charge or over 200 into an untechable knockdown (slide ) if desired. Neutral jump normals also serve as powerful air to airs (neutral jump forward)
-Cross up can be very ambiguous once mastered
-Ideal for running the clock, building meter, or a support/utility point character
-Devils reverse is a useful tool for muddling players who roll
-Powerful footsie game with formidable pokes + walkspeed, good tic throw frame trap options
-A frame 3 stand short that is ideal for punishing, pressure, tic throw/frame trap set up, and cannot be raw launched
-Wakeup game that keeps the opponent guessing

  • Doesn’t consume much meter

Weak points
-Gets absolutely irrelevant damage solo without a charge + links
-Abysmal ground AA game. Unreliable, trades, Bison is mostly forced to defend himself with reaction air to airs or properly spaced neutral jump normals, or just blocking
-No overhead / true way to open opponent up if they aren’t inclined to press buttons or are good at teching

  • His best pokes have some recovery and if used carelessly, you can easily be jumped on and blown up
  • Light kick scissors is -2, as such Bison is rendered highly limited vs certain characters who have a fast super and gain 2 bars
    -Cross up requires dead on precision- can whiff and leave Bison wide open to huge punishes
    -Must commit to warp- move is now only safest in auto-correct scenarios
  • Ex scissors is pretty much worthless

I’m going to add that up :slight_smile: Thanks man!