M.Bison General Thread: Come here prepared to fight a madman, and instead you will find a GOD!

Welcome to the loving grip of the PAX BISONICA!!!

For us the day Bison was revealed in SFV was the most important day of our lives, but for him… It was Tuesday. No really, it was Tuesday. ITT this we celebrate the return of our glorious dictator and/or tremble in awe. Here we can socialize with one another and talk about evil things. Plotting, scheming, and planning for world domination are the ideal preferred subjects but if not, let’s keep it Street Fighter related at least.

No spamming (Unless it’s Psycho Axe or HK).
No flaming (unless they are purple flames).
Also if you are Charlie Nash or Akuma GTFO immediately.

What was teased at first:

Possible inspiration for ‘trench coat appearance’:

What was finally revealed:


More Bison porn here: http://www.ign.com/images/games/street-fighter-5-ps4-20020046/555a444bd9a78945d5eefc7f

Bison Fight ID Cards:



Animated Version



Woo, yeah, he’s back. Whatever. Who cares.

I care. He’s my SF4 main. Unfortunately, i don’t see myself maining him in this game.

With the cape if he’s at full power with a projectile and some of his omega moves he’s gonna be a problem

This is delicious! Im a very happy camper with the character selection so far in SFV.

Keep it coming Capcom!

How can you see something like that when we haven’t even seen him play yet? I’m expecting a big jump in his playstyle and specials moves, the equivalent of what SF2 characters went through when they appeared in SFA or SF3. Also if SF4 Omega is any indication, we could be in for a real treat.

Eh, Bison, Charlie thread seems hype, but not a thread for a character that i have had a mental block when fighting for the past couple of years gets a thread, yawn.
Some traditions need to die, some new bad guy blood would be nice, Gill, then Juri in Super were the best things that happened to SF in terms of villians in a long time.

Since I’m only playing Shadowlaw characters (not intentionally tho), I’m hyped. But since Charlie is in this game, it was kinda clear to see Bison as well.

Bison is likely not the main villain this game. They wouldn’t reveal the main boss so soon. The need for a new bad guy should not be a reason to discard a character with a rich pop culture history, large fanbase, and a unique playstyle. There’s enough room for several bad guys always.

Agreed on that! Do you think Gill is making a comeback? Or is it going to be Seth? I think Seth is unlikely tho. I hope they come up with something good.

He is going to compete with the new boss for the spotlight and one of them is going to be downplayed. Even without the other design issues, Seth can’s be taken seriously because at the end he was a typical Starscream. So either the new villain gets to play the same role, or this time Bison gets to play the chump in order to make him appear badass. Lose-lose situation.

Bet Bison is unstoppable in SFV, since he turns Super Saiyan in the teaser

Does Akuma play the chump for Bison? Did Juri play the chump for Seth or Bison? Did Urien play the chump for Gill? Each and every one of these were different shades of evil but all evil nevertheless. I don’t see it as a lose-lose situation, it all comes down to how it is handled. But Bison is THE SF villain and will always be as such, for better or worse. No new boss will ever change this in the minds of people.

@iDely Yes I think the Illuminati will be the main villains, whether this takes place before or after 3, I think they will be the ones helming the tournament.

Bison is Akuma’s default bitch, the standard recipient for the shun goku satsu and that’s the way Akuma got its badass credit. Urien and Juri aren’t main villains, but they aren’t the bosses either.

I’m pretty much as sick of you of the story being every character being in the game just because they want settle score with Bison, that’s another reason I wanted him out and see Capcom giving the characters new and interesting reasons to keep fighting. Let’s see if they are willing to give the story an interesting twist, but I’m not holding my breath.

You mean the move that every one and their mother survived? Lol, k.

Well most of the other non bison related issues like makoto’s, ibuki’s, cody’s, rufus, blanka’s, dhalsim’s, fei long’s and then some. All their story arcs…kinda sucked. The shadaloo takedown is the main story arc. The Dark hado is a sub plot. I don’t consider Ryu or any of the of the hado users really relevant to the main plot anymore. Once (and hopefully for all) Ryu kicks akumas ass and kills him and goes to live his life as a monk as predicted by ingrid.

I do enjoy the “everyone wants Bison dead thing.” It’s just how one would go about it.

Bottom line is…I want Juri to have all the spotlight. :smiley:

Well Ryu and possibly Akuma will inevitably intersect with Bison and Shadaloo arc. Mainly because Bison still wants to possess Ryu’s body as of SF4. Rose recognizes this ultimate ambition and warns Ryu in her rival battle of SF4. Rose will help bridge the hadou subplot with the Shadaloo arc.

So I wouldn’t say the hadou users are completely irrelevant. Akuma and Bison could actually duke it out for Ryu’s fate. Ryu and Bison could still finally meet before or after Ryu takes care of Akuma. There is still potential for growth.

I do agree though that I hope they handle the main arc in a less cliche and predictable manner and just take it into a new unexpected direction.

I’m all for Juri being part of it too. It would be a disappointment to introduce such an amazing character then throw her away.

Bison and Akuma fighting over Ryu. That sounds more Gouken-ish then Bison.

I feel as though Ryu doesn’t have as strong of a urge to defeat Bison then the other more centered Bison haters. I can totally see Guile taking on charlie as his “main bad guy” now. That just leaves Chun-Li, Cammy, Rose, T.Hawk, (sagat?), Guy and of course the one and only Ms. Han.

I would Say akuma but…his track record of finishing a job isn’t exactly “top notch.” That and his beef is with Ryu, Ken and Gouken. Moreso Ryu and Gouken. For some reason I foresee Ken aiding Chun-Li against Bison.