M.Bison k-groove thread



I was looking at SBO results in japan and I saw bison used on one or two k-groove teams, then I saw cole use bison against choi. So I figured there must be something he has in k-groove that makes him worthwhile. Maybe that is an incorrect assumption though.

I saw them using his c.mk alot to run, poke and pressure the opponent. His c.fp is a good poke, should it be used as his anti-air since he can’t RC anything in k-groove? small jump rh seems to be VERY good since it can be used from so far away and out prioritizes alot of things. also, because of bison’s quickness; throwing seems to be a good thing also (you know, kinda like vega’s throwing, since he is so quick).

I guess what I am stuck on is what do you do for an anti air?? I see a couple options, phsycho crusher right under them so that they can not cross up, etc. try and trade with a c.fp, or JD it. somebody help me in this area. I know you can jump straight up with mk or rh, and try and beat them air to air, but this isn’t what im talking about, im talking about when they already have the angle on you in the air.


Just standing fierce their ass. Or JD into a throw, some characters can’t do shit to crouching fierce punch like Sagat.


just mix up your anti-airs with s.hp and c.hp…i think the only person that can stuff it clean is eagle::sticks::…other than that it trades or hits them clean out of the air…