M. Bison Kara Teleport Ultra


(That’s sick lol)

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Beautiful. When kara ultra was discovered in Vanilla everyone wrote it off … figures Desk would find an application for it.

Yeah its kinda shocking how people missed this. I remember how people just ignored kara-teleport ultra…

Can someone refresh our memory with the inputs again… I wanna go in the lab with this… *crosses fingers that it can punishes DP’s"

Holy shit, what are the inputs for this…

haha yeah figures Desk would figure something out. I think part of the problem is that Daigo’s safe-jump OS dp was discovered after kara-teleport was already written off as useless.

IIRC, the inputs were something like, b,f, hcb, f +3p~3k. There are other ways to do it, but essentially you want to get both the teleport motion and the ultra motion in there, then use 3p to start teleport, then plink 3k to kara cancel into ultra. I don’t know if I could personally do it without the 3p and 3k buttons though.

Where are the button images in the srk forum? :frowning:

Interesting, just wish he’d turn the inputs on so I knew for sure what he did.

Edit: Another thing thats coming to mind is the fact your really banking on them actually doing the OS.

Also, in AE it should be doable, just do 3K~3P instead, since U2 is done with 3P, and it doesn’t matter which teleport you do.

Probably still loses to safe-jump OS jump back hk though.

Does this lose to OS DP?

My guess is U2 will lose, since it’s only invincible for the first 3 frames. You’ll probably get hit out of the air either way.

U1 looks like it would win against OS DP since the first 16 frames are invincible, and Startup + Active frames on DP (Ryu’s anyways) is 17. However, my guess would be that Fierce/EX DP would make U1 whiff. I’m too lazy to test it out.

I would say all OS dps lose except for EX-dp, which is invincible all the way to the top. Both U1 and the dp would whiff.

Can only guess about OS U2, since it’s not that clear to me where in the arc Bison’s U2 actually loses invincibility. Based on the hit box vids, Bison is invincible all the way to the top of his arc. He might be able to hop over the dp. Just have to test it.

Of course, it also loses to safejump-> jab, safe jump->block. But at least it gives you one chance to guess, and that might allow you to escape with your EX moves or teleport.

All I know is that shit was crazy, and that I want to learn it.

I can’t get this to work for the life of me. Tried the HCB motion (b, hcb+3k, f+3k) with no luck. Can’t think of any other motion that will work shy of actually doing the inputs, which is stupid fast. Thoughts?

b, f, hcb, f+3p~3k doesn’t work for you? I just tried it in training mode and I got it on my fifth try or so, and my execution is ass.

I’m using the 3p and 3k button macros though.

This also sounds really stupid, but make sure you have charge first. It’s easy to forget it when you get impatient trying it out.

edit: try doing b, f, b, hcf + 3p~3k. lol sometimes when I mess it up I do kara-teleport…teleport. There’s an echo of Bison’s laugh that you can hear.

edit 2: after further testing, I can get it just riding the bottom gate like auto correct dp. All you have to do is make sure you’re properly plink 3p~3k. With this method I can do it like 75%+ of the time.

Oh well I wasn’t doing the 3P~3K, I was doing b f-hcb+3K f+3k … thought it was two separate inputs. Your version makes more sense tho. So that’s most likely my problem … back to the danger room…

[edit]Got it 90% now bwahahaha[/edit]

Unfortunately, I can’t get Ryu’s OS dp or tatsu to come out at all when I do either kara U1 or kara U2. But the dummy is still OSing my EX moves.

Dunno how Desk’s setup is different.

For those who can’t figure out the inputs.

d/b > d > d/f > HCB > f > d/f > 3P~3K (plink 3P to 3K)

edit: Been practicing. Can do this 100% easily. This is my new input string:

d/b > d > f > d/b > d > f > d/f > 3P~3K plink

***This is for Ultra I keep in mind.

Really…it’s not useful
Really low J. attack + 1st frame OS? really? Use teleport foward then…

Bison has a 12f reversal with U1, 13 with ex scissors… why would someone try a really low j.attack with 1st frame OS? Just delay them… wtf…
Btw, a delayed OS works against Teleport Foward anti-OS… gets an autocorrect

Does kara ultra give you an extra frame of invincibility?

Yeah, kara-ing the ultra would add some additional frames of invincibility, but it also delays the startup of the ultra. For that purpose, it’s really not that useful since U1 has buttloads of invincibility anyway, and U2 hops out of the way of most things (and already has horrendous startup).

Ah well, almost had new Bison tech.

I thought that was the point of the teleport. :cool: