M.Bison Match Up Thread



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Free for Guile


Not sure I’d say it’s “free” but Guile does have ways to zone well and he has enough offensive options to deal with Bisons lack of defensive options.


I don’t think this is “free for guile” at all. Feels even-ish. Guile’s boom zoning is no where near what it was in SF4 and Bison’s damage is INSANE if he gets a read on one and lands a jumpin. He can also reflect booms or just absorb and turtle (neutral jump if a cross comes out, or jump over and take space).

Might be like 6-4 Guile but so far it feels pretty much 5-5 to me most of the time.


Guile wins but it’s not as bad as SF4 and that’s because Bison has a good comeback factor in this game. Guile has an answer for any type of aerial move Bison tries.


This is currently a nightmare matchup for me. I just die to a Bison dashing in and frametrapping me.

I moreso get impatient and try to react to the dash with a jab or throw. I don’t do well zoning as I tend to rush in once the Bison starts using his V-Skill against my booms.

I’m completely new to SFV Guile so maybe I’ll get a handle on this matchup with time.

Appreciate any advice in handling Bison though.


Bison has been my hardest matchup in this game and my own personal demon. I finally recently started beating some good bison players.

  1. When he is throwing normals at you, just block. His frame advantage is too good. Only thing you can really do is wait for a scissor kick because that is negative on block and you can try to change the momentum with a LP- LPsonic boom combo.
  2. His head stomp actually beats out a lot of your jumping normals if you do it to late. That move is actually really good in this game. Also a lot of bison players will do a devils reverse and go behind you for a second then go back in front of you to mess up your crouching HP anti air. Just remember devils reverse only hits in the front (unless he is in v-trigger).
  3. V-trigger bison is complete bullshit. His moves are even safer and he is faster. His psycho inferno has much better recovery. It’s supposed to be minus 5 but I’ve never been able to counter it. He can also dash through you and cross you up. His head press is crazy fast and I think safe and his devils reverse switches sides. I honestly think when he gets V-trigger, if you do get a knockdown, you got to rush him down. He has no wakeup game and now and no v-reversal.
  4. Lastly throw out backhands and standing HKs and upside down kicks if he is dashing through your projectiles. You have to keep him from doing his stupid crap.


Guile’s j.mp beats almost every option he has in the air when he’s doing the stomp or reverse. The Bison will have to do a manual fake-cross-up to beat it.

Once Bison goes VT, if they like dashing through for mixups, just hold your charge, then react to the dash with c.lk. If you get really comfortable with it, you can chain that to a c.lp xx fk or his target combo (c.lk~s.mp~f.hp).