M.Bison Match-Ups Index Thread

If you’re having problems with a specific character match-up, look for advice here!

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Birdie or Bison bruh


Have you seen what this fucker can do?

We gotta kill him again guys!

Yes man.I played a guy yesterday and he knew this! He did a super on me every round. I was shocked.

One thing I learned. They throw out booms just to punish v skill with jaguar kick. You can curb stomp them out after they throw the boom, headstomp beats the start up of jaguar kick clean. Better players may try and rush in with a mix up so its probably best not to use v skill in these instances.


Why were all the match up threads deleted? We had a match up directory thread just incase SF5 gained many characters to allow better navigation.

Having one match up thread for everyone will only bury the information and force us to repeat discussions.

If you wanted an advice thread, we could have an ‘Ask anything thread’, but the match up threads should’ve stayed separate IMO.

Also, these thread titles need more color. They are so bland. :sad:

The regulars on this forum actually wanted multiple threads. We’re fine with 40 threads - obscure threads will inevitably fall off and character-specific forums will eventually just boil down to matchups as the game progresses. It was discussed in the general thread (now social) and there was a pretty solid consensus on separate threads. (Follow the discussion starting here: M.Bison General Thread: Come here prepared to fight a madman, and instead you will find a GOD!) Having separate threads actually encourages people to find the match up information they want over a single monolithic thread (where the same questions are asked over and over), and encourages more in-depth discussion on particular characters (and those obscure match-ups).

Can we get our separate threads reinstated again? I don’t mind making the threads/linking thread myself, or someone else can. (PM me and I’ll do it, and let you know when it’s done.)

But a lot of us wanted multiple threads… @jchensor

It’s hard to sift through long threads for information.

Games fresh and there’s only 16-22 characters

Please consider leaving the sub forum to how a lot of us are managing to coordinate information.

Very much agree. I also noticed that @jchensor started similar threads in just about if not every character forum. He [James Chen] seems enthusiastic about SFV and a nice guy but I’m failing to see how he’s planning on maintaining this many threads across all the sub-forums.

Yeah I don’t get it. James, can you just have it back to the way it was? We had a single matchup thread and it was impossible to find old info and had the same people asking the same questions over and over again. This way you can just find your specific question in the specific character thread.

Also the beginners thread is unnecessary. Just give us an FAQ. I also think you should let some of the players in here start them since we’re more likely to be around and able to maintain stuff.

40 threads is okay, it is better than 600 pages.

And you have the opening post. It’s not like you’re going to come into 15 sub forums weekly to conglomerate all the information for everyone into a central area.

Sure, no problem. Just figured it’d be easier to maintain one thread, but seeing as how everyone wants individual threads, I’ll leave this alone. ^^ Sorry guys!!! ^^" I’ve recreated the index on the the front post. If there’s any more you’d like in there, let me know!

Thank you good sir. @jchensor

You can use Devils Reverse vs Jaguar Kick, it´s better than stomp and you cover the ground better.

Thank you @jchensor :heart:

How do you guys feel about the F.A.N.G. matchup? does Bison win?

I dont feel bison has trouble with the match up. fang has to take a lot of risks to take damage on us and if he guess wrong he gets punished hard by our awesome damage. st.mk goes over the poison cloud at certain ranges so u can poke him out of his psuedo wall. We can punish poison projectiles on start up with our ex head stomp at most ranges i believe too and we can start the pain. I tend to grab a lot also because his slide isnt grab invincible, its really like Abels roll. If he uses V skill just take the poison and slowly get in, accept u will be poisoned will give him less time to start setting things up. if he is in slide range, punish poorly spaced v skill poison bubble with it, you will get knockdown and get rid of the poison.

Bison v. Sim anyone? I feel like im totally flailing in this MU.

edit: base on what im seeing in replays, the keys to the MU seem to be denying TP pressure (mostly by jabbing), catching stray jumps and floats with soft read EX stomps (adjusting to EX devil reverse if read was wrong, which can also hit slides), s.mp as the frame trap of choice. absence of s.rh and crossups, although i did catch what seemed to be a guaranteed crossup attempt from df.hp (block) VT, j.mk. crossup is obv range dependent on the distance from which df.hp was performed.