M.Bison Q&A Thread

If you’re looking for an answer to a specific question about M.Bison, this is the place to ask. And if you know a lot about M.Bison, swing by here from time to time to help answer the questions!

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If I end a combo with MK scissors or something that keeps my opponent standing, what is the best way to follow up and keep pressure safely? cr mp? or just block and react?

What are hes AAs in this game. Are they good or meh ?

Cr. fierce, st.mp and st. jab (very situational) and going air to air with hell attack.

I’ve heard some people saying they think hell attack is better and I agree. Get swatted out of the air at worst or eat a full combo if you mistime your cr. fierce? and hell attack leads to more damage too.

So far after like dozens of matches in the beta and early copy… cr.HP and neutral jump MP~MP. And just killer read ahead of time. I get hit out of the air SO MUCH it just frustrates me… and Critical Arts. So much disrespect online that sometimes you just have to humble them with a good ol’ Ultimate Psycho Crusher and rip out 40% of their HP off the start.

Right now I’m still a little uncomfortable with the distance it puts me at but I’ll step back and do s.LK xx LP blast to push them or throw out s.HK and knee them for a crush counter.

If you try to throw out a normal like cr.MP sometimes right after… against someone like Ryu there’s a good chance they will try to poke with cr.HK sweep and it’ll hit you because of how the hit and hurt boxes are aligned. You’re already a little negative so it’s not going to bode well in your favor. They made it this way so you can’t get free pressure like in SF4 but the game’s pace is a little less linear and kinda forces you to second guess the next step.

Neutral jump HP and HK are good too because you are pretty close depending on what the other guy can do. Some people will do low pokes because it’s their best options some can’t really do a lot and if you jump up it’ll just make them flinch and second guess themselves.

Or you can wait half a second and see if they jump at you and do one of two things… dash forward and go under away from them or block and see what’s up?

The two I almost always go for arent mentioned…

St lk xx LP blast (OK that was mentioned)

Looking at the frames CR MK is a frame trap so guaranteed to hit if they press anything. I had thought unsafe. Cool!

St. HK is unsafe by a couple of frames. Lights will beat it.

Hey guys. I was wondering about good ways to practice with this character or at least good drills I could do to get the right habits. I haven’t played SF since 3rd Strike and never touched Bison before.

I got the most basic stuff down, but I’m still not converting from opportunities as often as I’d like. Because of the fact that this game is a lot faster I get the feeling that there’s less time to hit confirm stuff. Also due to the existance of quick rise and back flip it’s way harder to apply ‘safe’ pressure due to the flow of the game being different.
I’m losing charge quite a lot or at least I’m not sure if I have it at that moment. Coming from different fighers where the charge times are a bit shorter really throws me off my game.
Also I struggle a bit with offensive character that sit on your face all the time like Vega or Ken. I get jabbed a lot whenever I try to squeeze my own jab in or sit in block stun longer than I think I should. The lack of concrete frame data isn’t helping my case, as I’m not even sure what is safe on block. Has there actually been an update to the beta frame data already?

I’d really appreciate if you guys could offer some tips.

with the invuln frames on Bison’s forward dash, would it not be best to dash under jump ins from our stMK distance?

10frame cr.HP is rough for timing(for me) without a good read.

I would say the invulnerability window is too hard to use like this, too slow and where spacing is so situational, but heck, I will try it in training and let’s see. It moves him forward before it gets invincible so surely isn’t the best anti air.

I anti aired plenty with cr MK, usually by chance. I want to try that out. It’s almost twice as quick as cr HP. I also used cr LP!

To training mode…

You’re +2 on hit, so if they don’t have a good 3f normal you can press cr.mp and beat anything else. Canceling that into MP blast if you expect a jump out, HP Blast otherwise tends to be the best choice if you don’t want to spend meter, as HP blast will combo on counterhit and is +2 on block. You can also throw them if they’re not pressing anything. If they do a 3f normal to fight you with, go for the st.lk canceled into LP/MP blast with the same logic as the MP/HP blast, although MP Blast isn’t plus, just less negative on block. Cr.mk can beat them walking backwards BUT it’ll trade with fast mediums and lose to lights so be warned.

Ex Devils reverse is it plus on block and when used as air to air does it place them in a juggle state?

Don’t know if it’s a glitch or not however ex head stomp can be canceled into ex Devils reverse just for 1 bar of meter.

Yeah I think that’s been the case in the beta too. It’s a nice touch.

It’s intended. They are the same move now, so it makes sense for them to share a stock of ex meter.

Is it possible to absorb multi hit (like ex hado) with Vskill ?

No it’s not possible.

Ok so I tested out anti airs. Dashing is definitely an idea but it doesn’t get you much. No damage and no advantage. It gives you a cross up so could be used as a gimmick. Don’t think it’s a good gimmick though. You need to do it anti air timing so no point missing out on actual damage.

CR MP is a pretty good anti air. It has a much smaller hit box and less active frames so the timing is totally different. Much quicker start up though.

Unfortunately its not your go to anti air though. it loses to attacks which are very horizontal like giefs drop kick or birdies sideways MP. Damage is obviously worse too

Nope, not possible.

You can absorb multi-hit, but you can’t absorb EX moves.
Try against Laura’s charged attack, Rashid’s HK Hurricane or Ryu’s charged non-ex denjin hadoken.

As a long time Bison fan, I’ve always been puzzled by one glaring detail about the way people talk about him:
Why in the fuck is his Knee Press called Scissor Kicks? It looks nothing like a scissor kick and never has; it’s a weird flipping heel kick. Karin’s Mujinkyaku is a scissor kick. Bison’s isn’t fucking scissor kicks.

I mean, I know full well that this will never change since it’s so embedded into SF culture, but god damn does it bug me.

Because of the way his legs moved back in SF2.