M.Bison Safejump OS U2 Setup after throw

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Shoto’s can actually beat this setup if they know how to properly autocorrect the dp (delayed the other way). Also, the dirty little secret with this crossup hp setup is that since it isn’t really meaty, a lot of characters can just avoid the HP by doing a crouch normal.

Find arcade and get AE setups. These have been out since December.

Yeah the first set up is not a through safe jump set up. As its not actually a meaty attack it can be countered by delayed DP type moves and people can simply forward dash out of it.

We are going loose the ability to OS Ultra 2 in AE off a jump in but the 3rd set up you showed can still work.

Ultra 2 has a start up time of 22 frames. So off a perfectly timed safe jump your ultra 2 will take 27 frames to reach its target. Most characters back dashes will be complete before then. Dhalsim is an exception, he doesn’t have any good options for evading OS U2. Sagat’s backdash is also too slow but ultra 2 will be tagged by Tiger Uppercut if he opts for that.

The jumping hard kick safe jump is interesting and a true safe jump on characters with a 3 frame reversal DP. Can you reach your oppponent with c.lk if he just block its?

The J. HK one is also not new. It is rock solid against ryu. However, Ken can beat it with his fierce DP (reaches further on early active frames) and akuma can ultra demon it (rh whiffs and grabs your landing recovery).

they cant autocorrect it, since its never a crossup! U cant auto correct somethin that isnt behind u until the moment the dp is done. thats the whole idea, it only gets behind them if they do a dp. Look at the start, im not crossuing up anythin, and ofc i tried delayed DP’s… it wont work. It will only work on a CROSSUP J.HP.

Thrust me, it is. And the only char that can dash out of it without punish is Fei Long,. Others can be punished with HK OS

AE wont reach the console before summer…

It can be used against ken, its not totally the same, but its possible. Ive done it and used it.
And im not sayin im the one who came up with it, its just that there is a lack of bison vids about this stuff. DUnno bout the akuma stuff, u could be rite about that.

While Azza and Mike are both right, these are still good for online and until ae dlc comes out. the j.fierce set up works because about 85% to 90% of shotos out there don’t know how to time the dp or are too afraid to try. The j.rh is kinda hard to time and space but once you get it down its fine, its just that you if you hit someone with it, you are too far away for bnb, cr.strong or forward would reach but then you wouldn’t have hit confirm and j.rh to cr.strong or forward isn’t a true block string and can be reversled

The peusdo safe jumping hard punch has been around for a while.

Was my understanding that done properly it stuffs light strength DP’s and makes all other DP’s whiff. The exception is Ken’s who’s MP DP beats it for some reason.

Others have said that delayed DP beats it and for sure I have been beaten by delayed DP’s that did auto correct but perhaps thats because I overshot them with J.HP and crossed them up.

Will lab it myself later.

Did you try using mp dp? EX dp? Did you try doing the “crosscut” method (df, db, df, db, punch)? Did you try putting in the motion in reverse and not relying on the game to autocorrect it for you? Trying to get a sense of how well you actually tested this.

Edit: double checked this when I got home and cross cut does beat it clean.

As said before, delayed DP beats this setup. I don’t know if it beats it clean or it just forces a trade, but Daigo did it consistently against… Kim1234 I believe? I dunno I saw it on an online match a while back. He’s the only shoto I’ve ever seen that consistently does it though. You have to make sure it’s NOT a reversal though. DP’s invincibility frames cover the rest.

You have about another 5~6 frames after falling to delay quick recovery. Try it.

Yeah but you can’t delay your recovery off a throw right?

You can’t change your wakeup timing if you get knocked down by an untechable knockdown, AFAIK.

Tested the puesdo safe jump. With Ryu I was able to autocorrect a non reversal DP to beat it.

This was regardless of the fact that j.hp was not crossing up Ryu. I left the recording of the safe jump run and blocked it as well as let it hit several times. It didn’t cross up. But on the same recording I was able to auto correct DP it.

So its not a true safe jump.

r.i.p. u2

not entirely relevant, but will you be able to store enough charge after a forward throw to time a 50/50 with U2?

Not sure about throwing and charging for U2 but I can knockdown with Knee Press and charge enough to U2 against quick recovery opponents. You should be able to back throw and charge U2 since the animation is longer.

Actually, I realized a while ago that even if the throw animation is long, what really matters is the position of your opponent relative to yours.

You can go in training and test it: Forward throw, and try to PC right after the animation is done. You won’t be able to, even though the throw’s duration should be ample time to have a charge stocked. And that’s because when he throws his opponent, Bison actually hauls him back before throwing him forward; the centers of gravity of both characters overlap twice. The same thing applies with the back throw: Say you’re facing right, your opponent will remain to your right during half of the throw’s animation, and that cuts on your charging time. In comparison, charging after a scissors works because you can hold back right after inputting the scissors motion.