M.Bison SFA3 Thread

Well… as nobody has ever done a Bison thread (i searched and all and didn’t find anything) so i’m starting this thread myself…

in my opinion his most useful Ism is A because the combos i’ve read aren’t that damaging or useful as variables of others characters and i guess that is obvious that his most important poke is standing far forward together with crouching strong but i still can’t find a good Anti-Air for Bison if someone has any idea post it here please.

i think A better than V because the most damagin VC’s i’ve read is 75 points and his level 3 Psycho Crusher and Nightmare Knee Prees does almost as much damage. And i guess that you can make mind games with the skull dive/sommersault.

Jumping fierce, besides straight forward is the only good air attack i can think of (Maybe forward strong too?)

well… that’s all this bison scrub knows…

if you have more info so i can improve my knowledge about bison i’ll be glad to listen :pleased:

quite frankly, Alpha Bison sux and will always suck

u should look in the main a3 thread theres a few pages covering bison and his good pokes strats, lvl3 psycrusher is the best reversal lol in the game imo

M.Bison Anti-Air Notes

Bison’s best anti-airs from the ground would be:

1)Standing Fierce
You want to hit opponents from a distance, so only the fist part makes contact with the opponent

2)Low Strong
Although often dependent on the type of opponent regarding its use, this can be used from a close distance and is ideal to cancel from for good damage:

Counter hit low Strong-> Double Knee Press/lvl 2/3 Knee Press Nightmare/lvl 3 Psycho Crusher

3)Low forward
This doesn’t actually hit the opponent out of the air. Its purpose, due to Bison’s sprite being so low to the ground, is to make the opponent’s jumping attack whiff, allowing the opponent to land into the ending frames of the low Forward…

3)Head Press
If it hits on a counter, follow up with the Skull Diver.

4)Level 1/2 Knee Press Nightmare

5)Level 3 Psycho Crusher

Air-to-air options:

1)Air Throw
Good reach.

2)Jumping towards Short
Useful for setting up crouch cancel combos such as: Counter Hit jumping short-> crouch cancelled jumping Fierce-> low Strong-> Head Press/Double Knee Press etc. Also good against air-recovering opponents.

3)Vertical jumping Fierce
Has a large hit-area. A cross between Zangief’s and Blanka’s vertical jumping Fierces.

thanks that info is interesting

on which pages am i supposed to find that info about bison? i dont think i have that much time to look for myself

Psycho Crusher is only useful as an anti-air if you are sure the opponent is going to land into the middle or rear of the Psycho Crusher, if any attacks hit the front of it, it will be a trade at best, even at lvl 3. I always use lvl 1 Knee Press for anti-air, much much more reliable. Crouching strong is do-able, but only if you have god-like timing and luck.

I’m thinking jump back strong might work in some instances as well.

i’ve read some stuff posted about bison a time ago in the main SFA3 topic but i don’t understand why Bison was so used in that tournament you talked about and that BAS player but now he seems so worthless to everyone.

  1. Loses to Sak and probably Akuma also. More than likely Dhalsim as well.
  2. Is boring, as near as I can tell. I’ve only ever come into contact with one good A-Bison player, but his strengths were poking and alternately turtling like some sort of giant turtle beast. Nothing against him, but he doesn’t have any flashy combos like Guy or impressive pressure strings like Charlie. I don’t think people like the way they look by winning with him. IMO.

so you’re suggesting on moving on to another character?

Akuma owns Bison…he can’t stop divekicks and with V-ism, Bison just can’t win if you play right. Chun Li also owns Bison IMO. Her jumping short is really good against him. Still, Bison’s can still be decent since he has a fast walk speed, fast jump, and good footsies.

I always thought Bison’s lp psycho shot was a pretty good AA. I could be wrong.

The only good Bisons I’ve seen were the ones who played mass runaway. Was annoying as hell to fight.

Yup, the same for me. The teleports, fast walking speed and long jump making him very hard to catch, at least for my Akuma without meter.

Btw, the lvl one Psycho Crusher ain’t good at all IMHO. It trades and loses just against to much. Even slow stuff like Ryu’s f+FP trade or even beat it …

:rofl: Teleport, Head stomp, Slide, Teleport, Repeat…:rofl:

:confused: You have to do some cheap shit to win lol I play Bison, I was just wondering if there are actually any good VCs (not just repeating that scissor kick) for him and wether or not X-ism would be a good idea because of his psycho crusher…?:confused:

:looney: And also are there any good vs Ryu tactics… I’m sick of Ryu players and there Jumping MK:looney:

These are the most commonly used M. Bison VCs. The c.FP allows enough stun time to allow the scissor kick to hit even if the opponent is crouching. However, because of the really slow startup time for the c.FP, you can actually get hit out of it before it connects. Best to use his VCs as anti-air, as listed.

His best VC is the one where you keep crossing over. The corner juggle where he teleports away does jack$#!+ damage…

(A) Initiator
A1: (Ground) |VC2| c.FP, b,f+MK --> B1, D1
A2: (Ground) |VC3| c.FP, b,f+MK --> B2a
A3: (Anti-air) |VC3| FP, b,f+MK --> B2b

(B) Midscreen Juggle
B1: [FK, b,f+LK/MK (miss, depending on distance)] × n --> D1
B2a: FK, b,f+MK --> B2b
B2b: [b+FP, b,f+LK (miss)] × n --> B2c before reaching the corner
B2c: b+FP, b,f+FK (miss, cross over), FP, b,f+FK (miss) --> B2b

© Midscreen Ender

(D) Corner Juggle
D1: [FK, rdp+PPP (shadow hits during this time), b,f+MK] × n
D2: [d,u+FK, FP] × n

(E) Corner Ender

For a corner ender, you can do b+FP xx c.RK, and then juggle with a head stomp.

You can actually do (VC2/3)c.SP, SK scissor kick, FK scissor kick [b+FP, whiff SK scissors etc) as an anti-air, but you have to cancel the c.SP ASAP.

that’s what I’ve been doing lol

Can anyone verify or deny this?

I thought his slide was pretty bad, doesn’t look like it has good range and recovery is bad :frowning:

Slide is like all Bison slides… from real far out, can catch people walking in, has less recovery if blocked, etc. But more of a surprise move. Laggy-est sweep in the game? :stuck_out_tongue:

LP psycho shot is kinda like Chun’s FB in ST. You can make them land on it and trade hits. You can’t really use it like a DP though. I think it’s good from afar, because the damn thing is so slow you can play against them trying to jump over it…

Bison isn’t that bad IMO. Nice anti-airs, nice pokes, good jump attacks, etc…

Better in V? I dunno. Easier in A. :lol:

A-ism is better tha V-ism? Explain you’re theory please.
Bison isnt that bad IMO too, he gets slaughtered by shotos. so sometimes i look relly shit cos i get smashed to shit by shoto-scrubs…
What could you use as a DP, MK?