M. Bison Stick Art Request

I’m in the process of updating my TE stick with some new buttons and art. I’m going with a Bison theme.
I’ve ordered some purple seimitsu buttons and a joystick balltop.

I’ve also gone through and selected a few different images I’d like to use and I’m imported them and sized them up for the template I’m going to be using. However, I wanted to add a few touch-ups such as my Name and a “ARCADE FIGHTSTICK - PYSCHO POWER EDITION” tag underneath the turbo panel (similar to the “ARCADE FIGHTSTICK - TOURNAMENT EDITION” tag you see on the stock art).

So heres the first image I’m hoping to use. If you’re kind enough to check it out and interested in helping me tweak it then feel free to tweak it as you see fit.

Also as a heads up, the art I’m using came from Boss Logic. If you’re interested, check out his website http://www.shadowloo.com/ and his wallpaper thread for awesomeness.

Option 1: Bison Wallpaper
Here’s the initial image I’m working with.

Here’s the version I’ve sized to the Template and moved into place how I like it. I’ve also changed the color balance a bit to more of a purple to match color of the buttons.
Base Image

Image WITH template

Requested Changes.

  1. I’d like to have my Name added somewhere to the Stick, I’m thinking in the lower right hand corner.
  2. I would like to have “Arcade Fightstick - Psycho Power Edition” added underneath the Turbo Panel similar to the way the stock art has “Arcade Fightstick - Tournament Edition” under it.
  3. I’d like to see what a version of the art would look like without the Psycho Punisher text on it, but that’s not completely necessary.

Here’s a version I’ve TRIED to get working with text request I’ve made myself. Part of the problem though, is I don’t have the font for my name that matches the Psycho Punisher font (which is LHF Convecta BASE) and I don’t know what base font is used for the Arcade Fightstick text on the base stick.

If you would like, I can provide the the .PSD with the work I’ve done thus far.

Thanks again in advance and if you have any questions for me let me know!