M.Bison Video Thread: SHADALOO TV - The most delicious source of Videos in all of Bisonopolis!

ITT we post and archive SF5 Bison videos from a variety of sources and for a variety of purposes. Matches, streams, highlights, tournaments, and other stuff can all come here.

I’d like to start:

1 - Ice’s videos from Beta 1,2, 3 and 4.

2 - A playlist I left temporarily online. Once the final game comes in, I’ll probably delete it.


Here’s one I made compiled from a couple of the videos people linked in the social thread featuring Digos and some others.


UM_Tyrant Bison match

At 2:26, how is Necalli punishing that blocked Axe? Is this the buffer’s doing?

I’m yet to see Tyrant properly duplicate his SF4 prowess in this game. Granted it’s still extremely early, it still goes to show you just how different of a beast Bison is in this game.

Thats shadow axe he did. On block its unsafe.

I think it’s too early in the game and too early into the play session to indict the man.

Question. Everyone has been doing St HP xx HK scissors on HK Cc. Why? Axe > CR MP xx MP inferno is more damage.

Probably because it leaves the opponent standing. I personally prefer to combo into inferno for a quick kd then go for a meaty to continue pressure, but to each their own.

Thanks for including some of my matches o/


Long set between Justin Wong’s Bison and Floe’s Karin.

I got a few matches that were kinda fun and nutty.

https://youtu.be/a-HgwKKk-_U?t=593 (DUnno why PS4 recorded so much time but starts at around 10:10)
Vs R.Mika

Vs Nash

Vs Ken

Vs Zangief, this guy was pretty good with reads.

Vs Zangief, UltraDavid

Vs Zangief, UltraDavid

I quite like that white color for him. Real shame we didn’t get a color editor, though.

I hate the white color on him. Not because the color is bad, but rather because the bottom half of his outfit under the skirt looks like ass. The static shadows there are so fucking bad!

Great matches @SUPARNOVAX

I unlocked the gold one and I think I like that the most before Capcom reset the server stats and progression unlocks.

I think I will end up with the yellow/gold costume and purple one a lot.

I wished he had the classic white costume/red armor and the blue costume/gold armor variant in here. Perhaps they’re saving it for the alternate one where he has the regular SF4 costume and black hair.

I miss his CVS2 black/dark grey and orange armor.

I wish we got color edits. We got it for SFXT and you’d think it’d be a great thing to put in this one. Maybe DLC in the future?

Cool matches. Man JWONG forgot that Bison had special moves other than scissor kicks I guess?

edit: this one. best bipson colors.
edit2: found the sprite image!


Yeah, he barely used Blast, HP and DR. He was playing him like SF4.

Despite JWong not knowing the character fully, I enjoyed how he managed to score with just a few basic tools.

“You should consider it an honor to have fallen by my hands twice.”

Nash gets burned!


Justin Wong seems keen on learning Bison. I hope more pros give Bison the respect he deserves!

Goooood Gooood! Feel the hatred flow through you!!!


Crazy comeback!

Another short round of matches

Vs Birdie, Don’t jump on meeee

Vs Nash

Vs Zangief, caught him with some nice tech setups 2nd round

Vs Zangief, caught him again with more at the end

Vs Ken