M.Bison vs Evil Ryu Match Up

In an attempt to clean up match ups… sweeping new character threads inc!
Starting 2011 fresh with these two goons.

M.Bison vs Evil Ryu


General Information
Low health, high damage, high stun against Bison. Chip damage will hurt so much.
In addition to having the traditional Evil Ryu moves, he has a new command axe kick move which only overheads from EX-Version apparently. It’s quite easy to look at since it doesn’t seem to be faster than the regular overheads in the game. Give or take 15f-20f for the EX (I’m guessing from the videos)

If he does high damage, I can’t imagine E.Ryu having too much health. In one video, E.Ryu 1 had a little over half Ultra meter (from the amount of health he lost) and pretty much did 40% to E.Ryu 2 and finished him. This ultra could be anywhere up to 400-450 damage full meter.

Ground Game–
Far Range Typical fireball zoning practices, jump over it, build some meter and drain the timer down.

Mid Range c.MP is gonna be unpunishable just like Ryu and will be pretty good at randomly stuffing your pokes. Bison’s s.MK should be in good range to stuff E.Ryu’s c.MK but it’s hard to tell. It looks slow enough to act and hit like O.Ryu’s c.MK hit box. N.Ryu’s hit box is pretty attackable from out of poke range. He has low health, any type if chip damage is gonna hurt. LK Knee Press chips will feel like they’re getting hit by c.LK’s. He plays a lot like Akuma except without the demon flip.

Close Range New Axe Kick–EX version overheads, f+MP overhead looks about the same as Akuma/Ryu’s so it’s going to be setup from the typical things.

On Wake up–


Ultra Preference: I’m going to go with Ultra 2 for this one.
Against Ultra 1
Against Ultra 2

Mind Games and Option Select–

Specific Setups and Tricks


Back throw into safejump setup and punish some uppercuts.

I Really like this style of match-up threads and would love to see more. i think the E.Ryu matchup will be in our favor he seems very similar to Akuma maybe a bit worse.

I fought like fifteen Evil Ryu’s today before switching over to try him out myself.

Let me tell you this, Evil Ryu bleeds if he’s not on the offense. This guy cannot sit back and wait.

Fireball seems worse than Ryu. c.HK is punishable like Ryu’s on block with LK Knee Press. c.MK seemingly feels like O.Ryu’s c.MK but it’s a little slower in recovery I believe so it might be possible to focus in and block the fireball cancel if they do it.

He has no demon flips, so only a regular dive kick. I don’t feel it is threatening at all compared to all the other dive kicks because the dive range is from the peak of the jump so if you see it coming, you can almost react to it with a nj.HK, nj.HP, j.MP (2) into Ultra 1/2 and even EX-Head Press for some fat damage as well.

He has Akuma-like combos, but he cannot tatsu into sweep and vortex or trap with demon flip. I think this match up is slightly in Bison’s favor for the reasons that he cannot rush and trap you like Akuma or Ryu. But if he gets some good guesses, Bison is gonna be stuck looking for DP’s.

Ultra 1 can be held like denjin for a little bit and release so it is a seemingly effective anti-air. Shoryuken FADC Ultra 1 does poop damage like Ryu. Shoryuken FADC Ultra 2 didn’t connect full animation but the Shoryureppas hit most.

Evil Ryu bleeds. Hard.

can anyone help with,i fought an evil ryu today and he kept beating me,i tried tricking him with devil reverse,i just got jumping punches to the face,i tried scissor kicks,he blocked and punished,i tried pokes,just punished.

to sum up,i had jack to work with.

any advice?

Sounds like you need to learn some more fundamental stuff such as spacing and pushing buttons at the right time, not just using special moves.

Yeah you must be doing something wrong, getting punished with scissors? It’s safe on block, you must be using any other version other than light if he blocked and punished it.

ok thanks. i would use combos but i find them difficult,i usually just play mind games and pressure with m.kick and crouch l.kick,as well as zoning with devil reverse and head stomp,but this guy just had my number!

To Bison, E.Ryu seems like an Akuma without S.HK, Air Fireballs and Demonflips, which seems great to me

play someone offline today, his E.ryu are recent.

damage out put, if he got 2 bar,c.mp EX fireball FA2 crumple, c.mp axe kick into c.mp tasu into DP, I mean WTF with those damage? is almost 50% of my full HP??
and please respect his fireball recovery, I think his start up for FB suc (I hit him like few s.mk, not trade like guile did, even I thought it gonna trade but his FB are weird)
but hit recovery was faster, since I try to jump in and eat full DP fadc Ultra, so FADC into fire ball and kick him maybe the case.

I play lame 2nd game and just chip and pretty much all basic stuff nothing fancy, but e ryu axe kick make difference in mix up , and all his stuff can juggle…into any ultra.
EX axe kick + tic throw is really hard to think and react, since EX axe are overhead and tic make u block back and tec…I was eating random U2 online because mashing tec for that reason.

his UC2 cause whole lot more pain but it must be hit in certain range, not only on the air but juggle too, if he is not hitting you deep enough the animation will not enter, is just be regular super KEN have. (3 or 4 hit? forgot) once enter the animation I think is more than 500 since I was done but I still have 1/3 my HP left …

he got some of Akuma normal, and they are amount the best, for example j.lk mix ups.

I play both of these characters, Dictator as my main and Eryu as my alt. My opinion is that Dictator has a good advantage in this match-up. Your (Dicator’s) superior footsies is what gives you the edge.
The basic starter strategy is to get in at your sMK range, which I think has about the same range as eryu’s crMK, but you’ve got better start up and recovery. Use this move liberally for great poking harassment. Then you have your sHK which is great for tagging him when he tries to jump at or away from you to get away from your pressure. And of course, annoy the living shit out of him with your totally safe on hit/block light Knee Press. If he starts throwing fireballs at you when you get close, focus dash through and then do…something. Throw, a combo, whatever you feel is best against the person your fighting. Those are just the basics when it comes to your offense, your own experience will do the rest as you play more.
The last bit of advice I’d give, is play allot safer than would against most other characters. Eryu’s damage output for a single combo (that doesn’t involve super/ultra) is the highest in the game. Especially if he has two bars for an FADC, give him two bars and he will rape you for a good 300-400 damage if he catches you in anything.

the combo is close fierce, axe kick, c.mp, tasu and srk, if he got 3 bar he can do c.mp x2 ex fireball crumble, and like full previous mention combo into it.
that is like, at least 450+ I did in training, and not counting Ultra, sometime you left HALF and is not enough for you to play because he just finish you off.

his FA are very good, I think better than ryu, his c.mp is faster and c.mk is slower, while his s.fierce is same as akuma and foot sweep is trash and slow, can’t do vortex I think.

He is just buffed up Ryu, Ryu don’t punish as hard but once he gets meter you make slightest mistake misjudgement what so ever he take ALL MONEY OUT FROM YOUR BANKS.

how far can ex fire ball to crumble lead? well as very tip of his ex hit that is about MY footsie range…even he hits very very tip of it the FADC can bring him close in and deal some serious damage.

I think, just feel it, his damage reduction system was broke. there is no scale down for him since he can finish some cast by just have 3 bar when they have half health left.

s.fierce axe kick c.mp tasu into SRK, 3 bar for combo like EX fireball (they don’t UKD you…just push you back) FA2 crumble and like full combo after it.

his scale down damage was nuts, I think every cast which end up in low health side, if they got 1/2 health he can just finish them off while doing 3 Bar combo into ultra. (vega, dulsim, all female character) not mention his stun, if he try, his stun is actually very good.