Here’s a pic I recentely finished of M.Bison. It’s something I always imagined Bison would have hanging over his bed or fire place or something. Anyway, tell me what you think.

That pic is hot. what did you use and draw that…

I scanned the linework into my computer and then did the colouring and background in Painter6.

Ooooh, that’s killer

Nice pose, colors, and drawing. It’s always good to see Bison art.

Colors are looking good dz. I think bison may need some clothing wrinkles overlapping those muscles. looks like painted skin. Nothing wrong with that, but i really think those suggestions would make your pic alot better. Overall very good work.

Thanks for the tip SFMC I think you may be right. I’ll try it out and see how it looks.

pretty good pic :slight_smile: I like the handling of different surfaces - the Shadaloo logo has a more organic look.

my main gripe is - his cape is flying up but it’s not reflected anywhere else on the pic… For a cape to flap that much, I’d think the bottom part of his top should reflect some uplift as well.

good pic, keep drawing :slight_smile:

I see what your saying about the bottom part of his uniform not being affected as the cape is, but I don’t think it takes away from the overall impact of the image. Afterall I think Bison would look kinda funny with his skirt flying up!

LOL true… but just a bit of lift wouldn’t hurt either :slight_smile:
still a good pic, though :slight_smile:

Awa Hell thats groovy! :slight_smile: Very well done, ja!

I like it. It’s all Bison-ish… but I think that he’s a bit too thin/straight lined beneath the arms. It looks a bit strange there…