M. Bison's Combo's in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Right now I’m tryin’ to get good wit’ Bison on Super SF2 Turbo X fGrand Master Challenge For Matching Service. I’m that great wit’ charge characters but wit’ Bison I can make an exception because I’ve mastered his 2-in-one’s but I’m havin’ a tough puttin’ them to combos. But I got this real nasty combo where I do the Knee Press Nightmare and jump in the air hittin’ Medium Punch twice jugglin’ the opponent in the air for a 6 hit combo. So jus gimme some pointers in how I can master Bison’s combo’s.

*Note I’m no newbie to SF2 I’ve been playin’ this game since I was 5 and my brother was like 12 then we still play it now I’m 16 and he’s 22.


And yeah, you’re an idiot. even if you’re old, you can still be a newbie.

Go dig up some old NKI Super Turbo combo vidz…He’ll show you combos.

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thanks for the asshole comment, I have heard negative remarks bout this site but I see it’s just people like you

You’re talking about Super Turbo.

Practice the following combos.

Dizzy combo = Jumping Roundhouse (or Fierce), Standing short(or jab), sitting forward (or Strong), scissor kick with roundhouse (or psycho crusher with fierce)

Random Dizzy combo (not always) = Jumping Roundhouse, Standing short x 2, roundhouse scissor kick

Random Dizzy combo ( not always) = Jumping Roundhouse, sitting forward, Fierce Psycho crusher

Jumping Roundhouse, Standing Short, Standing Roundhouse

Crossover Roundhouse, Standing short x2, Standing roundhouse

Meaty Sitting forward, Sitting forward, scissor kick

Meaty Sitting forward, standing short, scissor kick

Meaty sitting forward, Standing roundhouse

As for comboing in the super into combos, it’s pretty difficult. But you could do Crossover Forward, Sitting jab twice, standing jab, super scissor kick, then juggle with two strongs.

As for the juggles alone, you could do 2 juggles then super, or super then 2 juggles.

For a practical use of the super, I like to do meaty sitting strong into super. I can’t connect it any other way to combo from jump-ins etc. However depending on your execution you may be.

Hope that helped.

P.S. Not everyone on this site is like that

You forgot one…

Crossup forward, s.short x2, d.forward, fierce pyscho crushah. This combo is GOLDEN. Always dizzies, and is real hard to block for some reason.

Throw like a cheap bitch… then throw some more. Rh scissor knee into throw, crossup forward into throw, if they block a short > throw. throw throw THROW!! :slight_smile:

After throw you can try:

  1. whiff RH slide to get close for meaty combos that Reza listed
  2. go for hard-to-block crossup forward combo

If either connects they usually die, if it’s blocked they usually get thrown.

Check out Bison’s page on the ST wiki:

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