M.Bison's nationality?


Who said Bison is from Earth? O_o


Apparently, TS’s strongest points were that ‘it hasn’t been stated, therefore it can’t be true’ and ‘the endings dont support it, so it can’t happen’

As we know both of those premises are very weak and easily proved true and false, kinda like saying ‘ryu won the SFII tournament because he’s clearly one of the best and because a lot of endings showed him walking away after beating bison.’

Now, when i first heard the body-switching ‘theory’, it was a direct translation from one of the official capcom books, AAC apparently, so i believed it to be fact.

TS, you have said nothing that truly disproves it, all you are saying is that you dont believe it in spite of the facts because there isn’t enough in-game proof to please you…


Although I think TS brings up some really good points, I have to say that there is reason to believe in a body transfer. If Rose’s ending suggests it, and AAC confirms it, then who are we to argue. I would, however, like to know what exactly is stated in AAC. Anyone got a quote?

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I always figured he was middle eastern, like a mix of Muslim and Indian. That’s just based on his skin tone and map spot though. It’s just a completely uneducated guess.


Ok here it is…

“In the ending, it is revealed that the Lady was Vega’s once Disciple. It was only near the end of the battle that she realised, too late, that she and Vega’s souls were the same, subsequently, Vega’s Soul and Rose’s body continued in existence…”

Extracted from AAC Appendix. Summary of Rose SFZ3 ending.

This does not mean that there were once one entity. As it is, it could mean that she and vega have the same type of souls, just like blood type.

And i’ve checked the Endings of Alpha3 VS Zero3

The endings are slightly different, different enough to cause a HUGE misunderstanding of what happened.

To make things clear

  1. I’ve NEVER seen anywhere stating that Rose came from Vega.
  2. Rose makes it clear in the ending that vega was once her Master, as in TEACHER, not Lord. In the AAC Summary it is stated that she was his DISCIPLE. So the relationship is very clear here.
  3. Vega says that his soul will live on.
  4. Where it says
    "Right… we’ll return to where we belong… as was our wish!!
    Two separate lives share the same… soul…“
    it should actually mean
    "Yes…right back where we began. Yours… and My wish will succeed!”

There is ABSOLUTELY NO MENTION of Two separate lives sharing one soul.

After reading through everything, this sounds more like ;
Rose was Vega’s Disciple. They both shared a COMMON GOAL once long ago.
For some reason, they split up as master and student.
Now Rose has decided to finish Vega off, and almost does it. Until Vega explains to her no, his soul will not be finished off. More talk…And Then he says, yes, just like in the Beginning, “Yours…and My Wish/Goal/Hope will succeed!!” <- This refers to their once common goal.
And he proceeds to talk to himself"Life alters…the soul…" “GUAAAAAAAaa!!!”

  1. And yes, the body that Guy is cradling gently in his arms is VEGA.

Of course, Reading the Summary by AAC, and looking at the Ending itself, they also seem to differ somewhat. I won’t forget here though, that the summary in AAC was done by a person who didn’t come up with the Ending in the first place. The entire Appendix of AAC was done by one person.

It’s sad that the American and Japanese translation are so close yet so different in the most important aspects.

AFAIK the argument here should be “Did Rose’s ending, where Bison’s Soul got transferred into her body, really happen?”

And from here, I shall just say that if that were true, then it’s a rather weird end because then that means Bison’s Body is no more, as he immediately disappears. So how do the other endings fit in?

Although it’s been years, I haven’t had a chance to ask Tiamat about the official statements. Why don’t we ask him?

A more complete explanation of the Shun Goku Satsu

it STILL makes perfect sense to me…

From what i understood, although a close match, Vega won the fight against Rose, leaving her half dead, then probably went back to the psychodrive to ‘recharge’ which is probably where he was ambushed by guile/charlie, the psychodrive blew up, he was able to soul-travel to Rose’s half-dead body (though both fights might’ve happened in the same place).

Charlie’s sacrifice might’ve been simply to destroy the psychodrive, since he probably wasn’t strong enough to actually beat Vega.

If vega’s body simply began decomposing instead of just blowing up when the psychodrive was destroyed, and Rose’s body was at a reasonable distance, then i dont think it’s too far fetched at all…


I don’t know about Bison and Rose’s origins, and that’s likely because far as I know, Capcom never stated exactly what they were. It’s interesting that the whole “They share the same soul” thing was a mistranslation, but in the end, if it’s stated that the body Guy is holding is Vega’s body, then our statements that Vega’s soul transferred to Rose’s body still holds true whether they shared the same soul or not. So we should be able to confirm this much, I think

As for what happened afterwords, Saiki stated that Shadaloo scientists made a new body for Bison. Unfortunately, we have yet to track down the official statement for this, and seeing as to how Saiki’s dissappeared off the plane of existance known as the internet, we really can’t ask him. However, it IS true that Shadaloo has displayed the ability to create bodies out of scratch. Cammy is a prime example of this. So it isn’t unfeasible for them to make Bison a new body. However, again, we have yet to track down the official statement for this and the only person who’s a source for it (Saiki) doesn’t seem to be around, now…

Of course, if there’s a better explanation for how Bison got to be in SF2 after transferring to Rose’s body in SFZ3 (which IS confirmed), I’d like to hear it.


I said that it was never stated, anywhwere in any source, that Bison ever changed bodies…ever. “Ever.” This statement is true.

If you would take Rose’s SFA3 ending as being an official part of the storyline, Bison’s body is destroyed; therefore, if SF2 follows SFA3, Bison would need a new body, as the boss character in the SF2 games is clearly not Rose. If Bison recieved a new body, it’s safe to assume it would have been stated somewhere (even if only in SF2 Revival, a reworking of the SF2 storyline), and it was not.


Ah, thanks. I stand corrected! The ending is weird and abhorrent, and I think my previous points stand as to why I don’t think it would be an official part of the storyline. But, I assumed that it was conjecture (see also: the whole “Zangief is gay” thing), and it seems that I was wrong about that.

Thanks for clearing that up. You don’t happen to have her A2 account, do you? I was curious about the translation of her ending.

I’m sure you could guess my position on this, haha.

In summary: if SF2 is to follow SFA3, there are certain things which happen in the game which cannot happen…example: Bison dying (which happens in EVERY ending but 2, HINT HINT), Charlie living (unless you maintain that he’s still alive somewhere) SnH/Evil Ryu’s ending, etc. Rose’s ending would lean towards being one of these. Both because it is extreme and weird, and because there is no clear path to SF2.


Interesting. I think I once read a fansite about Rose that had conjecture on there saying that Rose and Bison were once intertwined because of their respective powers. Rose is not evil, but she believes in power coming from spirituality and otherworldly aspects, which is what her power and Bison’s do. It later stated that because of her moral apathy, she never did anything about Bison until he managed to shift the balance of the world by being so evil - she was not able to win the battle because as she kept going after Bison after Street Fighter Alpha 2, she became just like him, and essentially was no different from him in that respect.

Later on, it went on to say that Soul Power and Psycho Power were a lot alike, and more than Rose wanted to admit. Her revelation and vision in her ending said something about her seeing herself being the cause of what she wanted to prevent or something.

Like I said, it wasn’t from any official material, just seemed like a bit of conjecture thrown out from the person that made the site.


If anyone could provide a translation of the whole Japanese ending for Rose that would be much appreciated,
Also, can anyone find the required quotes from AAC? I think until these 2 things are done, this thread will keep going around in circles…

Mohammed Ali


Me- Ending doesn’t happen because, for other reasons, Bison states that it is Rose who will cause these events to happen, for Bison’s ultimate ambition to come true (assumption that he means Rose’s body)…things obviously didn’t happen that way, thus, the ending is void. Arguments?

Roogle- he’s putting too much thought into it, I think. I don’t believe Rose’s ending reflects any sort of change in her character.


I thought he was american because I read somewhere that he use to be Guile and Charlie’s commanding officer befroe her sold them out.


Damn man…we should be doing all the writing for Capcom. All they do sit around and collect royalties. They’d make a killing and we’d be able to make SF understandable!:annoy:

Personally though I’d be writing for Breath of Fire. We haven’t had a good story since part 4!:rolleyes:


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Dhalsim resembles Ghandi?

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Are you stupid or wilfully ignorant? Muslim is a follower of a religion.


Well, since you dug this back up, I’m gonna say that he’s obviously Puerto Rican.


Puerto Rican is not a nationality. Puerto Ricans are Americans.


He doesn’t have one. He is actually just Satan/evil spirit that possesses people/takes over other people’s bodies’. Yeah, I know it has not been officially said that he is actually Satan, but he has many aspects of the Fallen One.


Raul Julia played him with a British Accent (and wanted to kidnapp the Queen of England to force the establishment of the Bison Dollar as currency) so he must be English then :stuck_out_tongue: