M. bison's paint job

can someone give me any tips on m. bison’s paint CC? I got it up to 40 hits max and it’s frustrating the hell outta me…any tips, pointers? (or just “more practice?”)

you answered your question more practice

I would liek to know what people do to get it so consitant like i roll my thumb and press the button and god help me int eh arcade to do a dragon punch motion to save my life :slight_smile:

Is ther a special wya to do it good or better yet what do you gusy do in order to get the paint mixing lol

THANK god for charge characters

Playing nothing but charge characters is going to give you bad habits. If you want to be a top player in the long run, you need to know how to effectively use DP characters as well. Although I’m not very good, I’m forcing myself to learn how to win with Ryu, Ken, Sagat right now for example.

Try to do the dp’s seperately and completely but FUH KING fast.
Most people find it easier to learn this one as 2p, then do it on the other side. Personally, I use this method when I’m on 2p side, but I do the traditional sak shoshosho for 1p side.

^ That wastes energy lol. I just buffer, it’s really easy if you just do qcfs. Just be 1/2way through the next dp when the dp before that comes out. Just do qcfs, manual dps are too hard and unneccessary.

I just switched from buffering to doing manual dp’s, and i mess up a lot less now. When buffering i would always get a psycho crusher or a his flying move.

Thats because you don’t do them accurately enough. When buffering you have to always do JUST a qcf, and not hit up or back.

i beg to differ. especially when u are bringing the opponent to the corner, u have to one way or another start with a dp to get the painting going. in order not to get thrown off easily, just do dps. once u get used to executing dps in consistency u will succeed.

here’s a breakdown.

consider sakura. the only way for her to successfully pull of her custom using the qcf method is to execute the qcfs fast, very fast. this means < 3 hits per cycle. this works fine for her, since it does not really matter how many hits u land per cycle so long as u pull off the custom for the entire length of a-groove activation.

/* sidenote: this is also the method to pull of iori / kyo guardcrush custom, since u need to pull of their dragonpunches much faster than u would normally “paint the fence”. */

but if u attempt to land 4 hits per cycle (the dp method) using the qcf method, the ‘front’ before the qcf may not register quickly enough to become a shououken. so u end up with a hadoshou. and u can kiss ur custom goodbye, unless the fella is blocking.

the problem with using qcf method for bison? yes, u can pull off the paintjob more quickly i.e. sakura. but this obviously means it will be at the expense of 1 or 2 hits per paint cycle. adding up, u will lose out alot more on hits compared to the dp method. yes, it is true that because u pull off the paintjob faster, u can squeeze more cycles in. but u will also quickly realise that no matter how many more cycles u squeeze in, u will ultimately lose out to the dp-er.

to see this point more easily, think about the extremely fast qcf guy who can pull off the paintjob so fast that each cycle only hits ONCE, after which he would cut in the next psycho punish. say he pulls off 40 of such cycles during the entire a-groove activation; he will rack up 40 hits in total. and this is << compared to 75 hits for the dp guy.
the reason this happens is the time lost during the startup of each psycho punish.

hope my explanation helps :smiley:

It would help, if you were right. I get the max hits doing qcf method. (4 hits for Sak, and 5 for Bison). If you get less hits, you’re just not doing it right.

it doesn’t help? :slight_smile:
of course i’m not doing it right. after all, anything and everything can be done if it’s done right.

i’m just saying there’s a tendency for the ‘front’ not to register as dp, throwing off the custom. tendency.

point is, sarge, just use whichever method u find easiest and most effective. ur aim is to effectively execute the custom; whichever method u use to achieve that does not matter.

the point of my long reply is to address why u might end up with only around 40 hits; u might have achieved only 40 hits because u could manage only 8 cycles of 5 hits each; then again, it may be that u pulled off 40 cycles with 1 hit each, or anything in between.

use whichever method u find easier to pull off 5 hits per cycle, and practice. u’ll get the rhythm soon :wink:

u might like to share which method u are currently pressing and how many hits u land per cycle. regards.

After reading so many responses on the topic of the Bison’s paint the fence i would have to say the DP motion is a lot easier IMO then the QCF motion. As mooka stated perfroming the QCf motion causes a lost in hits were as the DP motion if done correctly gives you around 65-75 hits. My thing is it better to do the QCF motion for SAk or DP motion. My thing is when i use SAK and go for CC i find myself doing 1-2 reps then start throwing FB or Super. So if so could explain to me what am i doing wrong I believe i am hitting the button either to early or not completing the motion right. When i perform the motion i do QCF and right at F i hit the punch button then repeat from DF to F. I have also heard that it was easier to do a HCF motion and repeat. So which way is better

I find DPs more easier to do than qcf. If you notice, you have relatively lots of time to go back to neutral, then DP again before the opponent falls to the ground. Plus, qcf is close to screwing up the cc with his charge moves.

I find the dp method easier when I’m doing dp’s towards the left. Even if I have bison, I’ll use the qcf method with fierce towards the right. It’s just slower than sakura. It has more to do with how I hold the stick as opposed to timing. Practice will allow you to do anything faster. I can rip off a raging storm in less time than iori’s supers. It’s all practice, get the technique down, then speed it up. Any of you guys play an instrument?

Yamazaki can do the same, but for him, you need to do it so slowly that the qcf method is completely impractical on either side.

yup shin ace has put it across sweet and concise: it’s all practice, get the technique down, then speed it up.

I absolutely agree. I started the paint job at the speed of one star during practice mode; at that time, i couldn’t fathom how anyone could manage so many consistent dps so fast.
but as i got used to the flow of the dp motion, it became natural and reflexive; eventually, i sped up to game speed. now i can consciously pull off 3 hits per cycle using dp method (though there’s no practiality in that).

it’s just something that u have gotta get used to. practice is the key :slight_smile:

i don’t know if it’s practice or that my controller is just messed up… but every time i try to paint the fence i always end up flying…

Bison has so many specials that in a CC, they will destroy any sloppy attempts to do the paint. He has a b,f, +p, and also a d,u +p. So when you do the CC, hit either uf or db at any point and you are SCREWED. Sakura on the other hand will not do a weird special if you hit uf, or db. Hence why the problem only shows up with Bison.

The next time you go flying during the custom, mash punch. Since you can activate and start the CC off of that move, it’s the perfect reset. REESSSEEEEEEEET!!!

try slowing it down a bit so you can get all five hits in from the scrape. Remember you don’t need to do the motion fast just keep a smooth rythm.

as for the random devil reverse you just need more practice. What you’re doing is moving the joystick up to high.

Use a stick instead of a controller. You don’t have as much control with the controller

Maybe I’m just slow, but when people say “you don’t need to do it fast”, I have to disagree. True, you shouldn’t do it as fast as Sak’s CC, Iori’s guard break CC, but then again, you don’t need to do it as slow as continuous dp’s in the corner with Ken or whatever. A good idea is to try to do a s mk in the corner before the dp+hp, because s mk doesn’t bounce them high. Also, start the next dp+hp motion after about the third hit, so it should come out during the 4th or 5th hit. My 2 cents.