M.I.A. makes her stance BRUTALLY clear with new video


M.I.A. makes her stance utterly clear with ‘Born Free’ video [UPDATED]
April 27, 2010 | 11:14 am

M.I.A. protested in the all-caps mode she favors when the rattling, violent video for her brash new single “Born Free” was pulled from YouTube early Tuesday morning. After using Twitter to blame her record label and then retracting that accusation – YouTube itself removed the short film by French director Romain Gavras for its graphic content, which included a child being shot in the head and a young man being blown up by a land mine – she simply declared, “BOOOOOOOOO” and provided a link to the “Born Free” video on her own website.

For those who haven’t seen the clip, it’s a docudrama-style depiction of American military forces rounding up members of a targeted minority in an unnamed city, taking them to the desert and executing them. Much-discussed reference points include the Peter Watkins 1971 countercultural film “Punishment Park” and, because the raided people have red hair, the South Park episode “Ginger Kids,” which satirized the idea of targeted minority groups by putting redheads in the victim role.

In fact, Gavras will soon release his directorial debut, “Redheads,” which takes the plot of the M.I.A. video feature-length and promises to be both ultra-violent and free of Kenny jokes. His work with the filmmaking collective Kourtrajme, which he co-founded, and on videos for other artists (most notably the French electronic duo Justice, whose song “Stress” became the backdrop to Gavras’ blunt depiction of Paris gang violence) lands smack in the middle of what’s long been fruitful ground for political filmmakers, including Gavras’ own father, Constantinos “Costa” Gavras: the killing field where dramas of racial prejudice, institutional control and minority resistance are enacted.

I’m not sure if this is allowed but this video has brief nudity (not sexy nudity either) and it’s pretty graphic. Totally NSFW. But it’s one of the greatest videos I’ve ever seen.

Edit If you want to see it, go to her webpage.


Dec 2009 eh? I’ll actually be nice and give you a heads up that you may want to take that NSFW link down…but I"m pretty sure that Omae Wa Mo Shinderu (sp? lol).


Sho ga nai. shrugs


red heads do deserve this so i don’t understand all the outrage


this was actually a dumb video and MIA can burn in hell cause her music sucks thanks.


Yeah I watched the video this morning. It would be great if this video were based off of some recent truth but last time I checked no one is being rounded up in America and sent running through a minefield in the desert. I honestly think it’s childish to paint racial/cultural issues as so black and white. Especially in 2010. If this were the 1960s I can so see how poignant this video could be but incidents like these don’t occur in America. I’m not saying American forces don’t ever do things like this outside of the country but everyone just loves to pick on America. Why don’t you pick on Iran for still being backwards as hell, or rap about how sucky the African Union is.

Anyway, still a big fan of M.I.A. but I hope she’ll get her head out of her ass one day.


Boo fucken hoo. Dont like the terms of the, fuck off elsewhere.


Jonah Takalua would approve


I like this remix better



i like girls.


Shitty music is shitty.

At least she’s trying to spice it up by being edgy. Can’t mask the lack of talent though.




what do you expect from a terrorist


I haven’t seen the video, but from the description, sounds just like what happens every other day in Palestine and Afghanistan.


except its not :expressionless:

the running scene is almost taken straight out of rambo


M.I.A is is from Sri Lanka. There was a video that was released not to long ago, in which Tamil reporters were stripped naked and shot point blank. In Sri Lanka, genocidal acts against the minority Tamil population have been going on for the past 30 years. Now that the Tamil rebel group have been defeated, it has gotten much worse. Foreign reporters have been banned from the region for a while now. The video of the reporters getting shot had to be smuggled out of the country.

I remember Bill Maher inviting M.I.A for a mini interview, and he asked her to explain what was going on in her home country. She said that the American people were smart and probably knew about it, that’s when Bill lol’d and said American’s were stupid and don’t have a clue about issues in Sri Lanka. While I don’t agree with what Bill says, I think that the world has ignored the issue. Just like they have with certain countries in Africa where genocide seems to be the norm. The only time they want to help a country in turmoil is when they have a resource that they are interested in.

Anyway I think the video is very relevant to the times and I am confident it’s an indirect stab at what is going on in her home country.


so how does that sri lanka situation have anything to do with america again? that said, who cares what some shitty british singer thinks about anything.


Bingo. This is what Brown people endure all over the world, every single day

But yeah. I feel like we’re so used to seeing brown folks having violence committed against them, having their lives interrupted that we sometimes become desensitized to it-- and that this was a great way to decolonize that shit. Flip it on to someone else, especially people that feel they are or have been equally persecuted when they’re not/haven’t.

There was a blog post a while back about her comments on Maher where a group of Irish were rallying against M.I.A., claiming she played the race card and made it about “Wah wah wah, what of the Irish? We never did anything and never owned slaves and were oppressed too!!!” I wonder if this is a shot fired at that. Something to say “No. Not quite.”

Either way, I dig it. :tup:


Nothing if you put it that way lol. Obama had asked both sides of the conflict to co-operate. After the rebel group was annihilated, genocide has taken it’s full form in the small island nation. The UN kind of ignored the situation like they have in many countries. Anyway the only thing I can say is that many people in the US like the idea of their country stopping potential genocides. And I most definitely respect that kind of attitude. In the grand scheme of things, the US helping minorities in a small island nation does nothing for them, so why care right? Anyway the video is not for everyone and like any artist they usually touch on personal experiences. So if you like it or not it doesn’t make a difference, I don’t like her music but I can dig the message. Anyway not to side track from the actual video but I can see why youtube took it down.

Yeah, anyone I talk to about issues in the middle east get bored easily, like they are desensitized to it.


Yeah that’s my problem with the video. It’s an indirect stab. Just be fucking direct already. That’s a bitch move M.I.A. and dumb french director.

I put it like this, I wouldn’t fuck someone’s mom to fuck her daughter. So why would I put the American flag all over the bad guys when I’m talking about a government halfway around the world.

America has a bad enough image already, no sense in sullying it further.