M (Money match madness) - FFA (tentative) - Jan 18/19-08

Its about time I make the thread. Been holding off to try to get a few heads to agree to some matches. Only conirmed matches will be put on this first post. If you have someone you would like to p lay you can PM me, and I can notify that person and I will update this post accordingly.

First off, this is an event inspired by some comments I made to J. Wong. We’re not gonna get all into it but fugee and me came up with the idea of having wong come to WC for a non console event and play a few heads… Eventually we decided to make it a FULL event of top names vs. top names especially since a lot of marvel got choked at this year’s evo.

There will be no tourny on these two days. This will be strictly money matches. They will be held special event style, so there will be 2 monitors from which to see them over head, and plenty of space to record. All special events are either first to 7 or first to 10 to truly determine a winner. They will follow a strict schedule. Before each match there will be a rigorous testing by both players AND a judge to make sure all sticks are fine. If the sticks are determined foul by either player all 10 switches will be replaced hands down. They are 8 ways, so that will be 4 switches for the stick and 6 switches for the button. ALL OF THEM will be replaced.

The schedule will be updated but for now here are the confirmed matches to be happening. I will not be posting the money bet on these, because it would get silly and redundant. Also sidebetting will alter total money exchanged so I will only be posting the matches. I will say that the base bets for some of these will be in the thousands.

**Justin Wong vs. David (Achilies). This will be Justin’s Famous Marrow Charlie Tron vs. david’s whatever team. Now because any of you haven’t heard of david you might be tempted to sleep on him, which will be awesome for a few who are more than willing to bet on david. **

Justin Wong’s MSP vs. Finesse FT10. Right about now Finesse has the WC title as he has defeated all other top players in their last meetings…So this will be WC champ vs. EC champ. Though some would give that title to yipes now, when they have a first to 10, yipes will get that title.

DPC Vs. Finesse FT10. DP has obviously come up in the scene. Not only taking 2nd place at evo west, but beating a lot of top players in both WC and EC. He thinks his hands are sticky enough to take the crown so here is his shot at Mr. WC himself, Finesse.

Illan Vs. Duc FT 7 or Ft10: This match oughta be enteresting… the one hit wonder vs. the guy that never lets you out of block stun. This caught me by surprise that it was even going to happen. I think this oughta be a good match. I’m sure its obvious why both people have a chance.

Reset Vs. Anthoneezy: Two good players: Reset uses all teams while neezy sticks with the idea of mastering 1 team. We can expect to see a solid santhrax vs. reset’s whatever he decides to play at the time. Sidebets should be wild on this one.

There is a possibility of Sanford and Yipes coming down. If this happens then their matches will be posted here as well. All Call outs will be made as the 2nd post on this thread. If the players themselves do not post that they agree, they will not be put on the official schedule. The undertaking of this event will be a LOT of work so fugee will be doing over half of the ground work for this -thank you man-.

I ask now that this thread not be cluttered with trolling or useless pages of (100 dollars on wong). As you can see I resisted the urge to do my typical trash talk so lets just keep THIS thread clean. Feel free to get at me any other time though :wink:

The date is changed. Due to complications with a few people (fugee included) the event is going to be moved back to Feb 16/17. Apologize for any inconvenience this may cause some of you, but it had to be done. If the change in date affects any of the scheduled matchups please pm me.

Dark Prince Vs. Clockwork: After losing to Clockwork in a high stakes money match, dark prince went and did Shady K pretty dirty. He hasn’t been given a chance to run it back with clockwork but he has lost to him and beaten him since. He’s still hungry for a rematch. We’re waiting on YOU to reply clock. Yea or Nay.

Fanatiq vs. Crizzle. Having never played for money or in tourney I think this is the perfect time to have at it. Money will be talked later. You down crizzle?

3 representatives of FFA (Soo, Fanatiq, Finesse) are challenging team NorCal, the aforementioned (Chunk, Chris Schmidt, crizzle). This oughta be a solid match, nothing else needed to say. Does NorCal accept?

FFA vs. Team 3. We already expect a certain answer, but we’ll ask anyway. Your 5 vs. FFA’s 5. That includes Finesse, Fanatiq, Soo, Illan, Megaman Dan. FFA does have replacements if the aforementioned are not available or even unwilling.

The Dark Prince From Port-Au-Prince has arrived…

finesse with the WC title.


lol… naw im just a WC REP… But this is on arcade (OH YEAH) so it should be fun

are we allowed to side bet though? and are people willing to side bet?

wasssup finesse!

fanatiq got raped at evo 2k7, 1st to 5, I won, thats that,

Chunk,Schmidt,Gotti = best in west coast,

Gotti. 'nuff said.

how much was that for again? oh thats right 0…

it was for the 5 on 5,= priceless

“wat up korngizzy/norcal”

it’s just hype people

im not the best in the WC (we all know who the best in the WC is! I think…)

this is money match madness and hella niggas are trying to stop by to get their game on point blank

so if you want to get at somebody & they wit it DO THAT SHIT!!!



I remember Justin/Fugee touching on the subject but I didn’t know it was actually going to happen. This should definitely be hype and I hope everybody makes it out.

I can only make it if its in feburary =/

if I make it i’m down to play anyone first to 10 for $100.

wassup reset =]

Fanatic if I make it I’ll MM you. That 20 from Evo 06’ got me a couple good meals at Fatburger.

well lemme know, I’m more than down to play you first to 10 for 100. You did beat me on a mas…

fanatiq you should do 2 on 2 also

i wanna see soo/finesse/or fanatiq vs. any two…

I’m teaming up with the Resex

Sea Tac

Y’all should hit up Row and JMar. See if they want some money. Oh yeah. Finesse best on WC? Brutha’s good but how’s he do verses Chunk and Schmidt? Has he even got the pleasure of playin Row or Jmar? Seriously.

imma make it out to this shit. i should be down for mm’s as well.

i’d like to see the best on the wc finesse vs the best on the west coast chunksta vs best on the west coast dark prince