M.O.D.O.K. player on EVO

What was the guy with Modok + 2 other relatively underused characters @ evo2k11 named? I really loved watching him. Didn’t make it in top 32 so can’t check.

RoyalFlush was his name. Played Thor/Modok/Joe, lost to Noah, the 8 year old kid. Nice Match.

Yes, thanks.

Here’s the match:

All the way hype for MODOK use in competitive play. I’m looking forward to a game that favors MODOK more in Ultimate.

When I saw that match I thought to myself, “Did this guy really show up to Evo with a MODOK? And hes pretty good with him too”.

RoyalFlush is pretty damn good with his team. Sucks to be one of the only people cheering for him out there though. Shoutouts to the MODOK chant and Flush’s Mjolnir.

Worst part was the people booing against Flush. I know we don’t like lame tactics, but a team of Thor, Modok, and Joe? Fuck Noah…give Flush some respect! He’s using a team that each one was barely used by anyone in the tournament. And yes, Flush does occasionaly post in the Thor/Joe forums once in while.

I stand by the assessment that, after everything is done, MODOK may be the best character in the game.

They did cheer him on when he won the first game. They pretty much cheered for whoever was winning, and that happened to be Noah 2 out of 3 times.

^ Please tell me how you’ve come to this hypothesis.

Just watching him with an eye on the future.

I don’t play him myself, but I see potential in him that’s completely untapped right now.

It’s just a prediction - I have a feeling.

Was I really the ONLY MODOK player on stream? I’m just glad I was able to have gotten as far with my team as I did. If I had won my match against Noah, I would’ve gone straight out of my pool in Winners ;(

Thanks to all of you for your support. It’s good to know I have a few fans for using such under-represented characters!

There was Hydro/Hyro who ran MODOK/Doom/Dormammu(not sure about last slot). His MODOK was very good too.

Better question is, was I the only Chris on stream?

I’m pretty sure I saw LLND up there at some point. Unfortunately his Chris wasn’t really getting off that day, made me sad.

Way to rep RoyaFflush! Definitely wins the award for craziest team too! :rock:

I really hope people find out something about MODOK that makes him extremely beastly. Hell, it could happen MvC3 has been barely searched through & Ultimate could bring some new tricks for everyone’s favorite cyborg head!