M.O.D.O.K. Thread 2: Orgasm Harder

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M.O.D.O.K. stands for Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing(or KFC), and hails from classic Captain America Comics. M.O.D.O.K. was a suprise (sort of) entry to the MvC3 roster, and he appears to pay heavy zoning and keepaway. He is also PERFECT for Trolling.

Colors(courtesy of Kanta-kun)
White chair
This. seen here in game
LADY-MODOK. It’s friggin hilarious. Main color. Love it. BEHOLD


Character Art
The REAL MvC3 boxart

L = Light attack
M = Medium attack
H = Heavy attack
S = Exchange
AB= any two attack buttons (for Hypers)
A1=Assist 1
A2=Assist 2
DHC= Delayed Hyper Cancel
KFC= X-Factor Cancel
AD= Airdash

M.O.D.O.K. Specific Slang (to be updated not regularly enough)
Aegis reflector= Unnamed Energy sheild attack
Levels of Understanding (LOU)= levels of power granted by landing MODOK’s cubes

A-Barrier-SHOT ->
B-Ballon Bomb-SHOT ->
G- Psionic blaster-SHOT ->

M.O.D.O.K. has 950,000 stamina, which is average.



[details=Spoiler]Special Moves
Analyze Cube= (QCB+Attack) M.O.D.O.K. releases a floating cube that, when it succesfully hits an opponent, adds a “LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING”. LOUs make his specials and Hyper combos deal more damage and have different effects. different levels are shown via the flame on M.O.D.O.K’s headband. It goes from violet to pink, with an increasingly larger flame as well.
[]Can hold up to 9 LOUs
]Certain special moves use up 1 LOU, his Beam hyper use up all 9 of them
[]possible to combo into Cubes.
]when performed on the ground, they appear according to attack input:
1.L = Close, low to the ground (not low hitting);
2.M = Medium Range, head-height (not MODOK’s head, Magneto’s head);
3.H = Fullscreen, medium height.
4.The air version of Analyzer Cube work differently with each strength too, even though all of them are right next to him, with the objective of being comboed into i believe:

1.H = Above MODOK;
2.M = Same level as MODOK;
3.L = Slightly below MODOK.
Psionic Blaster= (QCF+attack) A basic Beam special. Can be fired both on the ground, and in the air. Can be angled in the air. L Psionic blast deals the least damage, but comes out the fastest. H Psionic blast comes out the slowest, but hits much harder, and fires at an angle in the air. all streghths cause a soft knockdown.
when powered up, is called PSIONIC HIGH BLAST. has double damage of normal Psionic Blast, and causes a hitstun comparable to Haggar’s pipe.CANNOT be used in the air.
Ballon Bomb= (DP+ Attack) a small, slow, tracking bomb appears. good for keeping off pressure/ applying your own pressure. all stregths cause a soft knockdown, but the opponent is blown into the air before they can recover, so use that time wisely.
-A second version can be used called a JAMMING BOMB. On hit with Jamming Bomb, the opponents reel and their inputs are reversed. Jamming bomb only available with LOUs.
distance changes according to attack button pressed
L = fires from near MODOK’s feet, and rises directly in front of him to about the top of his head. comes out very fast, so it’s good for combos and keeping people off of MODOK since it lingers for a healthy amont of time.
M = Fires from above MODOK’s forhead at a slightly downward angle. Goes about half screen, and comes out fairly fast. still good for combos, and can put pressure on the opponent.
H = Fires from the same location and angle as M bomb, but tracks the opponent. Since it tracks rather than just floating in one spot, it can potentialy go fullscreen, although it is somewhat slow. Good for applying presssure when far away from the opponent due to it’s slow startup, but often breaks opponent’s if they combo you, so don’t be scared to throw it out.
S = fires Jamming bomb. As stated before, on hit it will reverse the opponent’s inputs. It comes out slower than the other bombs since it goes straight to auto tracking rather than being ‘shot’ out like normal. NOT usable in the air.
[*]in the air, L and M have identical distances, but L fires low towards the ground, while M fires more forward. H still tracks.

Battering Ram= (any direction+Attack+S) MODOK slams headfirst ahead. Very comboable, and can be done 3 times off one jump, making it great for improving M.O.D.O.K.'s otherwise slow maneuverability. also usable as a ghetto AA, but don’use it as a get out of jail free card.
Be careful about using it in combos because it tends to tends to scale damage horribly, especially when comboing Ram into Hyper battering ram.

Goop= (Down+M) MODOK spits out a small green puddle of goop. When touched by opponent, hits them low. stays out for a fairly long time, and travels very far, so it is very useful for pressure. be warned though, when used up close, it will go OVER alot of character’s heads and wiff entirely, on both crouching AND standing opponents. also OTG’s.

Aegis Reflector= (Back+H or Back+S) MODOK summons a small floating sheild. Blocks any incoming attacks and projectiles, excluding Hypers. Can take numerous hits, with no official limit.
[*]when powered up by LOU, MODOK can summon a giant Aegis sheild with Back+S. Normal sheild is summoned with Back+H. This sheild can be large enough that the opponent must superjump over it to reach MODOK.
only 1 Aegis may be on the field at one time. When a new Aegis is thrown out, the previous one dissapears. Aegis can be thrown out in quick succession.

Hyper Psionic Blaster= (QCF+2STKs) A classic Beam style Hyper. It is a larger scale version of his regular Psionic Blaster. Can be charged up with LOUs. Does meager damage uncharged, but at full power, It can do around 99 hits and damage on par with the best LVL 3 hyper combos. Very Comboable, especially off of Ballon bomb, Psionic Blaster and anything that wallbounces.

Killer illumination= (DP+ 2STKs) A command grab Hyper. Has decent range, but slow startup for a command grab. this is made up for by it’s full invincibility on startup, allowing it to be used both as a way to the the opponent OFF as well as a way to pressure the opponent.
Hyper Battering Ram= (QCB+2ATKs) very fast startup and is hit confirmable off of Ballon bomb. similar to Ruby heart’s charging Hyper in MvC2. Mashing scores more hits, but the total number of hits possible is reduced every time a special move is used in a combo. Deals suprisingly great damage.



[details=Spoiler]Flight= MODOK can enter flight by 2 ways. he can both “fly” from his regular jump and use HCB+E to fly. HCB+E can be cancelled by repeating the command. Jump-fly cancels when he’s close to the ground or when he uses j.L or j.S (he can control height, however it is not infinite)
Airdash= MODOK can 8-way airdash which travels very far…[/details]

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Modok actually first appeared in Iron Man I believe…

You’re half right, he appeared in- Tales of Suspense. At the time, the book featured Ironman and Captain America. One half was a Ca story, the other an Ironman story. This was before they got their own book BTW.
However, he appeared in the Captain America story, so he can be considered a Cap villain.

Thread name leaves something to be desired imo, not sure what.

Mental Orgasm Derived Of Killing.

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Mental Orgasm Delicious On KFC.

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Mental Organism Designed Only for Contrived Thread Titles.

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