M$Paint Whispers 5 sign up thread - Sponsored by the new Ghostbusters movie


Been hella busy with work and needed a reason to browse SRK again. So, after careful deliberation with my agent I’ve decided to run another MSPaint Whispers game.

I still need to find where I saved all of the Army submissions from last game as well. I’ll post them in the game thread when I find them. As usual, it will be a battle between the reigning champions SRK and JTM. The winner will probably end up being decided by which team doesn’t have Radical Fuzz on it.

Da rules:
At the beginning of the game, players will be separated into two groups: Describers and Drawers. I will send a stimulus picture of my choosing to the first describer. He will then have 12 hours to describe the picture in 10 words, no more, no less, and must submit it to me via PM. I will then submit that description to the first drawer, who will have 24 hours to submit a drawing to me, done only in MSPaint or a similar program (Photoshop/Gimp will suffice so long as you use no advanced functions or effects.) I will then send that picture to the next describer, and the game continues until everyone has had a turn, at which point, I will reveal every description and every drawing, and hand out awards.

Describers: You may not use the URL of the image in question as your description or what to google to find it. Be creative and descriptive with your descriptions.

Drawers: You cannot write the description you received in Paint and use that as your drawing.

Everyone: Just have fun. There’s no winning or losing team, this one’s just for shits and giggles. You also won’t know the order of who is drawing and describing, but if you want to say when you’ve had your turn, that’s fine.

Also, you can opt to be either a drawer or describer, or a wildcard. I reserve the right to ask you to change if I get too many drawers or describers, to even out the game so it can run.

Sign up now!


  1. Dark General
  2. Forte95


  1. chadouken!
  2. Vynce
  3. Azure


  1. Hecatom
  2. Bious


I reckon I’ll play again. I’ve never been a describer so I’ll try that this time.


S-tier describer


Put me in as a wildcard, coach!



I mean describe.


Who will ruin it first, Bious or Radicalfuzz?





I ruin it by drawing exactly what I’m given, which is against the spirit of the game.

You ruin it by thinking boats look like this: ->


Add me to the DBZ Mafia PM like I asked 4 other times

Or fuck off and go back to your website where you “lynch niggas”


All these racist Australians need to get the fuck off SRK. At least this one doesn’t play Smash.


SRK is already winning in sign-ups.


Gonna sit this one out


*I can’t draw a stick figure, let alone a real illustration.

Sign me up as a drawer. *


Shitty drawings are my favourite to receive. The mspaint masterpieces always make me feel bad for being a bad drawer.


I’d like to join as a drawer again!


Well, JTM has caught up in sign ups.


We still waiting on people to sign up?


Think we’re just waiting for Syn to get his shit together.


Sign me up to describe