M.T.G. teams/singles results

I want to thank everyone for coming and helping out and making this tourney possible especially team Impact Clash out of Atlanta…awesome job…we had about 70 people come thru…and also I will do my shout outs after this post but yeah it was cool to see how good some fools already are in Super lol…cant wait to see how the next tourneys will be with all of us knowing we only have a couple months to prepare for EVOLUTION!!!

And now for some results!!!

T6 Singles

  1. Holeman (Lars, Bryan)
  2. GM (Lee)
  3. Fab (Miguel, Feng)
  4. Zzy (King)
  5. Ryry (Steve, Bruce, Bob, Jack)
  6. Rain (Bruce , Miguel, Steve, Lars)
  7. kPc
  8. Blackula
  9. Reno
  10. Grimy Grizzly
  11. ZTS
  12. The Exalted
  13. SMP
  14. Real Law
  15. Millionz
  16. PokChop
  17. Don Frye
  18. Oni Jin
  19. LOC
  20. Paul Z
  21. Sean Paul Wall Street
  22. Sanford

SSF4 Singles

  1. Marn (Rufus/Juri)
  2. Sanford (Ryu/Ken)
  3. Flash M (C Viper)
  4. Dr. Chaos (Ken/Adon)
  5. Magman (Chun)/
  6. Julian R (Tawk/Zangief)
  7. Lud (Chun)
  8. Josh Wong (Guile/Zangief)
  9. Inerd (Chun)
  10. ???

T6 3v3 Teams

  1. Team Rain (Rain, Holeman, Jaguar)
  2. Team PokChop (PokChop, Solus, Sanford Kelly)
  3. Team Dasure (Exalted, OniJin, Renikon)
  4. Team Tricks (kPc, Grimy Grizzly, Pacifist)
  5. Team SOVA (Blackula, Ryry, SMP)
  6. Team 4H (Real Law, LOC, Fab)
  7. Team BattleToads (Ben111, ZTS, Sean Paul)
  8. Team Double Dragon (PhunnyKidd, Zzy, Jason)
  9. Team Jer Is Trash
  10. Team B.J.
  11. Team Three Good Men (Millionz, Lil Jin Boy, Jandek)

SSF4 2v2 Teams

  1. Marn/Flash
  2. Dr Chaos/Magman
  3. Sanford/Julien
  4. Elly/Scott
  5. Chillen/Azen

Yeah and there was just no real interest in playing other games at this tourney which is understandable since SSF4 and Korean T6 was in the building!!!

And I will be teaming up with IkonZK9 to help bring Nova its best monthlys and streaming/exposure we can possibly bring to our area!!

Please keep a look out for this since I dont really plan on hosting at C3 since location and pricing is not really in our best interest…


-Sanford defeated both Holeman and Rain during the T6 team tourney.

-T6 Grand Finals was 2-1. Came down to the last guy on both teams.

-Dr Chaos showcases his Adon on everyone!

-Marn unleashes Juri

-Strogg takes Keninblacks lunch money in 3S :frowning:

More to come later…

MD/VA Chun army looking good :tup:

Any vids of Josh’s shade combos?

Yeah, another venue would be good. C3 is getting out of hand now.

Sanford - Always good gaming and chillin, thanks for coming down.

Chaos - Good shit in teams, my fault for playing like some butt, lulz. I changed my mind about Adon now though!

Shoutout to the Tekken stream I’m sure it was godlike.

Which reminds me, good shit to all the American players representing well in that.

Some of those bracket matches in Super should have been streamed, there was some godlike shit going on in a number of matches. Next time, though.

I don’t expect this area to be getting top players to come out anymore, the turnout was pretty :lame:.

A few thoughts about this tourney:

Game change: I wasn’t sure about how folks who had to travel great distances to come here would think about the switch from SF4 to SSF4 but I’m glad pretty much everyone seems to have been fine (maybe because things weren’t changed much?). It was a tough situation to be in during these days of SSF4’s quasi-legal release status. It’s really nice there were enough setups there to run the matches smoothly.

Venue: I understand Eric V’s needs for the pot bonus and to contribute to top players’ travel costs but $25 isn’t a great price when a lot of local folks seem to have little money to spend. Xanadu offers monthlies for $7. I remember when C3 had a very reasonable $5 venue fee, then $7 with chips & drink, then $10, and finally $25 for either/both days now. If C3 were providing setups, had a fresh ventilating system, had enough cozy chairs for everybody, and had developed a record of annual majors (like FR or NEC), I can maybe understand that fee. But it seems to me that C3 is pricing themselves out of range when there are alternatives now if VA folks are willing to drive a little further and probably more if Iconzk9 can secure some deals.

Scheduling: First off, I really feel majors need time schedules (at least “no earlier than” times) to accommodate players of various games and to stick by them. I wasn’t sure when HDR would start Sunday so I came at 11am as the thread indicated. It wasn’t too much surprise based on the past that the tourney would start late (and everyone from the day before seemed to know) but it would’ve been good if some notice was given that was the case and even better if the games were broken down to time slots.

As for the flow of the tourney, based off Sunday (the only day I attended), I feel Eric V could’ve done better on this point by running the tourneys along. A few times, I saw the tourney just put on hold for casuals for nearly an hour because nobody was sure how/what to continue. Tourneys need to keep going so that the schedule works out, and the director is the only person with the clout to ensure that. In part because of mismanaged scheduling, HDR and the other games didn’t happen; only SSF4 and T6 got play. I only came for HDR so it was a disappointment; but to be fair, the other games didn’t really compare in turnout so even if a tourney had been held, it would’ve been pretty minor regardless. I did receive a full refund and a gift for my time (and got a few casuals in AE and SSF4 along the way) so I’m thankful for the fairness and consideration but I really wanted to play some competitive HDR more than anything.

Players: Really awesome. I know nothing about Tekken 6 but the finals looked hype and folks seemed to be having fun with the Korean players. The top of the east coast SF4 players showed up (kudos to Eric V for getting them out here) and judging from the matches, it looks like they’ll do just fine in SSF4. Matches were exciting, execution was solid, and the mindgames were impressive to watch. Thanks to the out-of-staters for showing up and generating hype. Thanks to MD/VA’s 3 Chun Li players and the others for holding down the fort.

Turnout: It was a good turnout but I expected a lot more from local players. The first C3 I ever attended for ST was one where DSP and Justin Wong both came down because I wanted to gauge my skill level with the best (it didn’t go so well then with DSP as my first opponent but I actually didn’t go 0-2 either). Yeah, this tourney could have been hyped better like Sinsation was and the venue fee was a little high but that still doesn’t explain why some folks from nearby cities like Richmond and Baltimore didn’t show up when the best players in the Atlantic were there. You can always eat better tomorrow but you can’t always play the top players everyday around here. I’ll post my other thoughts on the status of the scene in the MD/VA players thread.

Overall, not having an HDR tourney was a letdown, but as keninblack put it, this was an exciting kick-off party for EC SSF4.

was this recorded?im kinda interested in seeing chaos adon

Pot bonuses only really attract top players. Other players who can’t beat the unemployed “gaming professionals” that have had the game for a week don’t really wanna fork over 50$ in tourney fees alone for a game that’s not even out yet.
Not to mention it’s not a “bonus” if it’s coming directly from the venue fees.

Says a lot that some Nova players came to Richmond and we had a session with about 15 players.

Super wasn’t widely available/ no one wanted to play Vanilla b/c of the leak. Lose Lose. I’m sure Eric V tried to move the tourney date back because of the lose/lose situation, but C3 couldn’t do it.

Oh well. My tourney in Richmond is this weekend. It’s 10$/ 5$ for super. T6 and various arcade games are there (cvs2/mvc2/ST).

Hopefully it’ll get a good turnout now that everyone has the game.

Come down and see it up close lol lol

Wtf at the results? I saw on the bracket that I got farther than Mike and yet I’m not even on those results? I guess it doesn’t really matter much but that’s just not right.

Good shit to Eric V for running a awesome tourney

Good shit for impact clash for the stream

Good shit for marn repping the dive kick characters

Good shit for sanford getting top 3 in ssf4 and beasting in tekken

Good shit for whoever else that went

I’ve been telling niggas. Dr chaos’ Adon stay feeling himself!!!


inerd and lud showed up sunday? damn i shouldve come back sunday.

good shit V, sucks that the super leak kinda fucked over the attendance it seems, but i think you did a good job for the shitty situation you were in. tourney was fun regardless.

i’ll keep an eye out for another venue since c3 does kinda suck

I had fun, it was a good time. I just wish people showed up, because I mean Super is fun. Though I would much rather play 3s or TVC imo.

Though thanks to Wal Mart it fucked all this shit up but regardless it was meh.

Shout outs:

3s: I dont give a fuck that shit is still godlike.

Ganelon: For throwing shit down and telling what is what, though seriously it was fun talking to you and reaaaally sorry that HDR could not happen. Its a darn shame.

T6: That game looks fun. :confused:

The 2 SSF4 Dudley players: REAAALLLY sorry but I forgot both of your names I am not good with that, though it was awesome how much you 2 taught me those 2 days. So thanks so much for that.

Strogg: I might be salty but im not letting that down easy, I am coming for you next time. I am not letting a guy who cant even do SA3 combos, I will also learn how to parry your multiple unsafe rams.


Kim: Thanks for the 3s games man! It was fun.

The Urien player who played tekken: GG’s man, that was really fun.

Ski: Thank you very much for the talk, that definitely helped me out. I wrote down the day too its a sticky note on the wall of my room.

The Zangief player I played Saturday: Once again, I forgot your name. But those casuals were really freaking fun good stuff.

If someone does random meterless tackle with urien I think you can just sa3 back with dudley after blocking. They should be easy to parry offline, but in the end its safer to block.

Alright so now it will be fine. Good shit.

Sanford playing with Ryu and Ken = :tup:. Well more so Ryu than Ken. :rofl:

Just practice the situations in training mode. Also, I chuckled at the fact that you called them rams. I had a picture in my mind of a ram running towards dudley.

Congrats to Lud, Grimy, Dr.Chaos of their performance at MTG. Both Warriors competed and placed with top 8 in SF4 singles. Plus, Dr.Chaos placed second for SF4 teams. In addition, we cannot forget our newest Warrior, Grimy Grizzly placed 9th for Tekken 6 singles and 4th in Tekken 6 teams.

Overall excellent performance from all three Warriors, Once again DMG Warriors, continue to do excellent work and bring honor to the Dominion!

keninblack 3rd strike was fun. I was the guy you played against along with ganelon if you didnt know.

Ganelon made some good points too.

So the new monthlies will be happening in Herndon, Va for the time being and I’m gonna work on the pricing since its monthly instead of bimonthly on my part now. The stream will be great. Hopefully if the turnout gets good the venue fee could be less the $10 in the future. I had fun testing out SSF4 and just being there in general. I think it was a job well done giving the circumstances. Big shout out to everyone in the Va area who doesnt get much recognition or if any at all. You guys made this event possible. Yall dont get enough credit. Also shout outs to the out of state players who came through. It was nice seeing you guys in action.

S.RH>ex machine gun blow>option is better.