M1 and M2 pins on original Brook P3P4 Fighting Board (NOT Plus)

Does anyone know if they actually output anything during controller rumbles? It seems to be populated and an FAQ on brook website states that they are indeed for driving motors. A forum search reveals nothing useful but simple speculations.

Also @Brook_Engineer

I cant be certain, but there often points on a PCB that goes unused.

If you can get a pair of monitors salvaged from a broken controller for example you can hook it up your self and see if it works.

I actually DM’d about those M pads on Brook’s Twitter, they also told me they were meant for motors. If you look at one of the user manuals/wiring diagrams for that board, it also specifies the pads as “small motor & big motor”, this isn’t the exact diagram but notice how one says SM and the other says BM. Maybe like how the Dualshock has one motor with bigger vibration weights than the other?
I haven’t personally tested any of this, so it’s all speculation, but I assume they’ll work if a proper motor is connected.