---] m1x4h... taking requests? WTF O_o [---

yep, it’s true… i’m taking requests again… :slight_smile:

you know the drills…

[]no complex animations
[]no real people
[]supply the pics unless it’s my pick
[]no comics

i’ll only do about 3 at a time, and i don’t officially start until tomorrow



check it out

whats up dude hopefully you can supply me with another one of your great avatars :party: , i should mention that i got a new one thie week so it would be cool if you can make the avatar then hold it for me for about a week that way there is no beef between other avatar makers. man :tup: :clap: i was wondering if you can make me a gta city av, you know the sin city avatars in black and white but with gta instead, with an animated magneto in black and white, you know the style and LALO on the bottom thanx man can’t wait to see it :tup: :tup: :party:

hey m1x4h its been a while :slight_smile: can u make me av similar to urs with this
i couldnt find a 2nd pic like u if u have tell me other wise i gotta keep searching

thnx in advance :karate:

hey m1x4h… dude, can u make me an avatar out of these gifs… and can u put “naz” on it too… i’ve already requested an avatar to x_tremer but he seems to be MIA since aug.5,2005… lol…


http://www.terrasoft.net/web/Artur/gambit-super.gif <- hope u can make something out of this but it’s ok if u can’t… i can understand because this one is very large, u may have difficulty since i am not a premium…

but thanks in advance anyway…

Thats gonna be too big piponaz. Two animations is a lot to ask for with only 20k being allowed.

i’ll give em all a shot :slight_smile:

samson: link me to an example.

wassabi: is that yamazaki? if not, who is that?

pip: i’ll try, but no promises

anyways, should all be up tomorrow at some point… i gotta fix up somebody else’s at the moment, and i don’t have access to my computer until tomorrow around noon, plus i’ll be moving in, so if i don’t get it RIGHT away, i’ll try to get it asap… tomorrow night or saturday night at the latest all of these should be up… you know i try to work asap :slight_smile:

i know… i’m hoping m1x4h can do some magic but if he can’t it’s still alright… :tup:

you know what mixah forget about that idea :tdown: and just hook me up with an animatred santhrax av and LALO on the side like this
as for colors just throw anything together man i’ve always liked your choice of custom colors :party: , thanx again man . :clap:

it’s alright if it’s too difficult to fit the gambit_super. but can u still make me one with the gambit_icebeam?

wassabbi you’re up…




pip… yours is looking hopeful for both… but i’m too tired now… i’ll have it up tomorrow night

really? wow!! i’m excited… can’t wait… :clap:

10q ~

i think the other thread ive been posting in are closed or on break i was hopeing u could help me with this request

Could u make me an av with these 4 pic use (S.T.K) as the s/n and with the cammy pic use just cammy not chun-li also could u us a cool background some thing like a nice blue or gray





if i have to many pic use hibiki,chun li,and Sak but if u can use all 4

thanks! STK

hey mixah. i’d like an av. just make it anything. i don’t even care. go crazy with it. thanks!

Hey mixah. i really like your style man. id like to request an av with makoto on it.i would prefer if she was in her black outfit but if you cant do that then any colors are fine. As for what pose she is in if you have something like her standing mk or her f+hp thatd be awesome, if not, its up to you. Also can i get my name in cursive somewhere in there too? Thanks in advance man ( btw thanks for all the info in the mags forum for us newbs)

STK, that might be a bit much

#reload, i’ll make you something

Mr. Sakuraba: yeah, sure, i’ll do it… i don’t do button specific colors… just give me a color scheme and let me know.

best i can do under 20k


Id like her to wear the black gi. name also in black, whatever background you want, just something very smooth looking, not a clusterfuck. Know what i mean?

You do some great work m1x4h. Would you be able to make me an avatar with my name and 3S Ken? Other than that, just go to town. I’ll be more than happy with whatever you can come up with, I’m sure.