M3BC- Oxmoor Brawl! $ Louisville, KY. 10-24-09 **MvC2, SF4, HDR, KI, TMNT:TF(Snes)**$

…M3 Battle Circuit Presents…
…The Oxmoor Brawl…

Once again its time.

With the success of recently released Street Fighter II - HD Remix, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and Street Fighter 4, the competitive fighting game scene has revitalized itself once again. More and more people hungry to be the best. The MCubed Battle Circuit welcomes you to showcase your skills to the world!

Come and match wits with the best players in the midwest and see if you got what it takes… to get paid!

All grand finals will be recorded DVD QUALITY and fixed up for internet release

Appearance by local recording artist and head of M3 Productions, The Mevel

Marius vs. The Mevel, Super Smash Bros. 64 – MONEY MATCH!!



Saturday, Oct. 24th @ 2pm


Oxmoor Mall
7900 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, Ky 40222
(second floor, next to Subway)

Phone: (502) 425-5257*




Street Fighter 4 (PS3)** + Secret prize to 1st and 2nd place!!**
Street Fighter II - HD Remix (PS3)
Marvel vs Capcom 2 (PS3)
Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike (PS2)
Killer Instinct (SNES)
TMNT - Tournament Fighters (SNES)
Marvel vs Capcom 2 - Low Tier (PS3)**

possible games:
BlazBlue (PS3)
Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom (WII)
SF4 Teams 2v2 (PS3)



*All tournaments will be double-elimination; 2/3 matches; 3/5 winners/losers/grand finals.

All pots will be split 70/20/10 after the venue fee of $1 is taken per entrant*. KI and TMNT are exempt, all entree money goes to the pot! Payouts will be in CASH after the grand final match of each game respectively.

*(pot break-down: say 48 people sign up for SF4 at $10 a head for a pre-pot total of $480 [48 x $10 = $480]
the house takes $1 per entrant as venue/registration fee [48 entrants; 48 x $1 = $48]
the house cut of $48 is deducted from the pre-pot total of $480 to determine the pot total, being $432 [$480 - $48 = $432]
the pot total of $432 will then be split into 70%/20%/10% going to 1st/2nd/3rd respectively. [1st = $303; 2nd = $86; 3rd = $43])

A player reserves the right to Double-blind character selection

BYOC (Bring your own Controller/Stick) House PS3 and SNES controllers will be available, S2D is not responsible for your items.

Pausing mid-game will result in a DQ of specific round (non-malfunction)*

Game specific:

*SF4: Winner keeps same character, loser may change.

SF2-HD: Winner keeps same character, loser may change; Akuma is banned.

**MvC2: **Winner keeps same team/order, loser may change; No game-breaking glitches (Juggernaut Power-up glitch allowed)

3s: Winner keeps same character, but may change super art, loser may change; Gill is banned. Judgement can’t decide a draw.

**KI: **Winner keeps same character, loser may change; Eyedol is banned; Sky Stage is banned; All VS. screen codes are banned.

TMNT: Winner keeps same character, loser may change; Bosses are banned; Hi-Speed 1.

MvC2 Low Tier: Winner keeps same team/order, loser may change; No game-breaking glitches (Juggernaut Power-up glitch allowed)
Banned Characters:
Magneto / Storm / Sentinel / Cable
Iron Man
War Machine
Doctor Doom
Banned Assists:
Psylocke - B
Captain Commando - B
Tron Bonne - R


RESULTS from last S2D major (6/13):**


  1. yk
  2. SaDo
  3. SaDo
  4. Kajoq
  5. yk
  6. SaDo


There will possibly be a 48-man cap on SF4 and MvC2 brackets, those being the 2 most popular games. Those pre-registered will be guaranteed placement in the bracket if the cap takes effect. So PRE-REGISTER…

Street Fighter 4 (PS3 / $10)


  1. Young Kim (yk) ?
  2. SuperArt
  3. SaDo
  4. Mavrick
  5. Mark S. (Digitalbooty)
  6. WanchorX
  7. KDub
  8. Rob Lee (Rodactyl)
  9. darko_p86
  10. Matthew
  11. Jacob
  12. Josh (s2d)
  13. Jeremy
  14. Antwan (Detroit, MI)
  15. lolpenguinlol
  16. Deedogg (Detroit, MI)
  17. MaulNutz

Street Fighter II - HD Remix (PS3 / $5)


  1. DJ Ramsey (SaDo)
  2. Mavrick
  3. Digitalbooty
  4. Marius
  5. Brock A.
  6. The Mevel??

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (PS3 / $10)**


  1. SuperArt
  2. SaDo
  3. Digitalbooty
  4. WanchorX
  5. KDub
  6. Rodactyl
  7. TJ Burger
  8. Marius

Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike (PS2 / $5)


  1. SuperArt
  2. yk ?
  3. SaDo
  4. Brock A.

Killer Insinct (SNES / $3)


  1. SaDo
  3. Mavrick
  4. Marius
  5. Josh (s2d)
  6. Goran

TMNT - Tournament Fighters (SNES / $3)


  1. SaDo
  2. Marius
  3. Mavrick
  4. darko_p86
  5. Josh (s2d)

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 / LOW TIER (PS3 / $?)**


  1. SaDo
  2. digitalbooty
  3. Rodactyl
  4. WanchorX
  5. Marius

i will be at this

taking all MMs in 3s/ hdremix/ classic ST/ TMNT whatever you want.

if team SF4 goes down its Team Afternoon Delight on your bitch asses.

Signing up for 3rd Strike, MvsC2, and SFIV

Username: SuperArt

Happen to be in KY at that time so i got you.

$100 in HDR
$100 in VST
$50 in TMNT

if you play Fatal Fury Special let me know we can do MM in that too.

OH ya Sign up for SF4 - HDR - TMNT

and KI sorry.

Who the f- bets on TMNT :rofl:

i welcome all challenges

Shit, if I was in town I’d sign up for the KI tournament for an easy win…

Too bad I’m all the way in Canada. :frowning:

Sign me up for HDR, Marvel, SF4 and TvC.

Sign WanchorX for SF4 and Marvel.

KDub for SF4 and Marvel.

I bet Rodactyl will be down for SF4 and Marvel.

first post updated

All finals will be recorded and uploaded to the internet by the M3 Battle Circuit

Hey, I’d really like to see footage of the entire KI tournament uploaded on YouTube (I don’t think it’d be that many players). If it’s good enough, I’ll feature it as a playlist on my channel. :bgrin:

there is some serious players showing up to this.

it will be better than good enough.

it will be uploaded by M3 Battle Circuit.

Hmmm, I hope so… I only see 3 guys signed up for KI. :sad:

Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to the KI footage. Though I really hope it will be more than just the final match.

Oh man, whoever said they wanted to money match Mavrick in HDR is straight crazy.

thats gonna be free $$ in my pocket

would anyone be interested in a low tier marvel side tourny at this?

Banned characters (?)
Iron Tits
Mrs. Doom
Whore Machine
Black Fart

Banned teams (?)

ill prolly be using guile

LOL i laughed at that for like 15 minutes

ill be ready for a real mahvel tournament! practice!

Finals in each game will be recorded and uploaded to the M3BC youtube channel.

M3 artist ‘The Mevel’ will be attending with a sign ups for his mailing list and a preview of his new album.

see everyone on the 24th!

hey there

yo sign me up for street fighter 4 and the turtles game please.:cool:

Any thoughts on adding Smash Brawl to the list of possible games? Maybe 2 vs 2?

i talked to josh about that and since thats usually the day they have the smash weeklys, i think alot of the smash kids will be there and might be using a setup. as far as making it an official event, i think they are afraid too many people are gonna show up already, thus the sf4 and marvel caps.

smash might end up being ran but the smash kids will prolly organize that themselves (kinda as a side tourny)

if all you smash dudes show up, sign up for some other games

ps. - does everyone agree with those characters being banned if a LT style marvel tourny goes down? anyone on that list that shouldnt be?