M4 Tournament results!

Taken from the EA website:
Yes the the other half of 5th is missing but I wasnt able to get ahold of the brackets but all standings are accurate! Each tournament had at least 12 participants with Mario Kart 64 of 36 players to Melee and 3S had the most I believe once again I dont have the exact numbers but nonetheless here they are!

Halo 2: Doubles

1st. Arcangelo and Kurt Seymore: XBL Tags ? (Shark and Luigi)
2nd. Sean Duiser and Andrew Landrum: XBL Tags ? (Duzer and Cadoodle)
3rd. Justyn Dooley and Jeremy Mitchell: XBL Tags ? (Venom and Psycho)

Halo 2: Free for all

1st. Jeremy Mitchell: XBL Tags - (Psycho)
2nd. Arcangelo: XBL Tags ? (Shark)
3rd. XBL Tags ? (Golden Dragon)

Halo 2: 4 on 4

1st. The Green Goo
2nd. The Warriors
3rd. L.P.J.S.

Soul Calibur 3

1st. Flo
2nd. Jim F.
3rd. Clay
4th. Jon
5th. Troy F.

Guitar Hero

1st. Chris
2nd. Kirk
3rd. Majihsper
4th. Hector
5th. Matsunami

Dead or Alive 4: Teams

1st. Arturo Morgan and Devon Davis
2nd. Justyn Dodley and Andrew Landrum
3rd. Hector Flores and Enrique Guardia

Super Smash Brothers Melee

1st. Wes (Deadly Alliance/Empire)
2nd. Mike G. (Deadly Alliance/Empire)
3rd. Sheridan
4th. Sheep
5th. Savage

Super Smash Brothers Melee: 2nd Run

1st. Mike G. (Deadly Alliance/Empire)
2nd. Wes (Deadly Alliance/Empire)
3rd. GA Wes
4th. Bertram
5th. Sheep

Super Smash Brothers Melee: Teams

1st. Mike G. and GA Wes (Atlanta Falcons)
2nd. Wes Kreymore (Deadly Alliance/Empire)
3rd. Bertram and Garron (???)

Mario Kart DS

1st. Scott
2nd. Adam
3rd. TFGM (Empire)
4th. Kreymore (Empire)
5th. Jeron Grayson (Empire)

Mario Kart 64

1st. Bertram Motley
2nd. Jeron Grayson (Empire)
3rd. TFGM (Empire)
4th. Kreymore (Empire)
5th. Jimmy the Killer

Capcom vs. SNK 2

1st. Justin ?Marvelous- Wong (Empire)
2nd. Jeron Grayson (Empire)
3rd. TFGM (Empire)
4th. Jimmy the Killer
5th. Joe

Street Fighter 2 Anniversary Edition

1st. Jeron Grayson (Empire)
2nd. Justin ?Marvelous- Wong (Empire)
3rd. Kreymore (Empire)
4th. TFGM (Empire)
5th. Midus (Empire)

Pokemon Puzzle League

1st. TFGM (Empire)
2nd. Andy Pollack
3rd. Zeth
4th. Jeron Grayson (Empire)
5th. Nick Marimelli

Super Puzzle Fighter

1st. Justin ?Marvelous- Wong (Empire)
2nd. Matt Smith
3rd. Kreymore (Empire)
4th. TFGM (Empire)
5th. Eddie

Mortal Kombat 2

1st. Jeron Grayson (Empire)
2nd. TFGM (Empire)
3rd. Troy
4th. Jim
5th. Kreymore (Empire)

Magical Drop 3

1st. Justin ?Marvelous- Wong (Empire)
2nd. Reznov
3rd. Sheriden
4th. Royal Sectov
5th. Jimmy the Killer

Tetris Attack

1st. TFGM (Empire)
Tie. Geoffrey T.
3rd. Matt Smith
4th. Kristine
5th. Antron

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

1st. Justin ?Marvelous- Wong (Empire)
2nd. Jeron Grayson (Empire)
3rd. Kreymore (Empire)
4th. Jim Voley
5th. TFGM (Empire)

Garou: Mark of the Wolf

1st. Justin ?Marvelous- Wong (Empire)
2nd. TFGM (Empire)
3rd. Jim
4th. Jeron Grayson (Empire)
5th. Kreymore (Empire)

Star Fox 64

1st. TFGM (Empire)
2nd. Wyldflower (Empire)
3rd. Kreymore (Empire)
4th. Inorubain (Empire)
5th. George K.

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

1st. Justin ?Marvelous- Wong (Empire)
2nd. TFGM (Empire)
3rd. Rick Soice
4th. Shane
5th. Kreymore (Empire)

Shadow Dancer

1st. TFGM (Empire) 1,109,800
2nd. Natu 313,000
3rd. Derek Williams (Namco®) 301,400
4th. Inorubain (Empire) 115,300
5th. Jeron Grayson (Empire) 93,700

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

1st. Justin ?Marvelous- Wong (Empire) 1,448,400
2nd. TFGM (Empire) 1,001,800
3rd. Matt Palmateer 608,928
4th. Erik Peterson 329,600
5th. Derik Frazer 301,300

Smash TV

1st. TFGM (Empire) 16,698,730
2nd. Steve S. 15,937,315
3rd. Alex D. 8,302,720
4th. Gabriel 4,180,770
5th. ???

Ms. Pac Man

1st. TFGM (Empire) 303,780
2nd. Tom Diehm 282, 850
3rd. Mike Ulkianoff 200,330
4th. Billy Candell 101,310
5th. Mike Patek 69,520

There will be an article up about the event soon!

Awesome, thanks for posting these.

Though I signed up for the 3S Tourney as “Rick Serious”. :x

Was the Puzzle Fighter tournament official(points awarded)?


Minimum players per tournament was 17. That was for Pokemon Puzzle League and Mario Kart DS which was at 16. Every other tournament had plus 20 or better. Tekken had 41, Tetris Attack had 30 something. yada yada yada… There were over 750 plus at M4 but about 3 to 4 hundred played in the tournaments “Overall”. That is why you see so many tournaments. People were doing “Tournaments” on request. I’m surprised Jeron didn’t host “Xena: warrior princess” tournament. LOL.


Any of this get filmed? Also how many people entered Garou? Thanks.

You guys brought that stack of Vitamin Water? Thanks, that was a terrific thing to do.

Nice write up on the con, is there any word on videos from the SF3 tourney yet?

is that the hoe known as floe?