MA Framingham GU Presents SSF4 singles PRE FULL SPEED Aerial kicks! 9-10-2010


Hey guys! SO heres the story. Game Underground is hosting whats possibly the VERY LAST Soul Calibur IV Major in the US on 9-11-10. Players from around the country are flying in to participate, including 2009 Evos 2nd place winner KDZ, among others.

Heres the trailer [media=youtube]ueUjVlRYHLs[/media]

So what does this mean? Well obviously everyone and there moms play Super Street fighter 4, so we’re going to be hosting a SSF4 singles tourney on 9-10! This is one of those rare occasions where alot of top players are going to be coming to us in MA, so lets not disappoint. Not just as an employee of this store, but as a player I"m saying this: I want everyone in MA to come out to this. Theres been people speculating that MA is a weak community, or that we’re breaking apart, but that’s not true! I know there’s problems with this game (trust me I agree) but it doesn’t mean that’s its not a ton of fun. So lets defend MA and show some back bone here.

Using tonamento to run brackets
SSFIV Singles on PS3

  • Matches are 2/3, 3/5 for Winners, Losers and Grand Finals
  • 2/3 rounds
  • Double Elimination

SSFIV Singles Pot Distribution:
1st Prize: 60% of pot
2nd Prize: 30% of pot
3rd Prize: 10% of pot
No characters banned

Venue: $5
Entry: $10

Sign ups start at 7pm, tournament will begin at 9pm
There will be a stream

Also since theres players from a bunch of different areas, We’re going to try to organize a 5v5 tornament
Entry: $5 per head
Winner takes all
No double characters
Round robin (unless 8 or more teams enter)
top 2 teams with the best record play in GF’s
this will be either ran post the singles (a late night) or another day (sat night), this is obviously not a guaranteed tourny, just a fun idea we’re gonna try to run.

Venues will be waived for players who bring a system (ps3) and a copy of the game that IS USED FOR THE TOURNAMENT.
any questions txt me 781-413-6258

1251 Worcester Road
Framingham MA




Get fucking hyped.


i’ll bring mines, all costumes and colors on lock for the stream


I’m in there. Let’s show them what we can do.

I won’t be able to make it to the 5v5 if it’s on the 11th.


5v5 would be hype, but I am worried about time too :\


damn this is intense. Might have to come through with my SIM.


yea sim mirror ??? or my RU vs your sim? :D:D jk

tom yea idont know how we’d do it but im working it, would be fun


Boo to ps3.


yea its ps3
dealllll :smiley:


I may come before for the SF but I think I’m gonna be in calibur mode so we’ll see if im down or not.


well friday is meant for SCIV casuals and ssf4 main event, then the weekend is all soulcal
o and guiles dumb, but music to games is awesome


Definitely trying to regain my composure after Souper Bowl last week.

Also can we make CvS2 happen?


yooooo rob or lucky lemme borrow a te stick lol. f ps3 :stuck_out_tongue:


DJ unfortunatly this is not a sf main tournament, so im gonna keep this to just ssf4
if casuals for cvs2 want to get set up im down with that

igni, i got u for a ps3 stick


and for those sc4 out there, GU will be hosting a massive soul calibur tourny, just a reminder on sat-sun!


hey count me in i might just join this too.


awesome, this should be real hype!


See everyone tomorrow!


glad to hear you will make it out, I know usually friday is a difficult day for you guys to get games at gu

see you all tomorrow