Mac/PC MAME question



I’m trying to get a few old friends who live in different states playing some Street Fighter again. One potential problem… one of them is a Mac user. Is it possible for Mac and PC users to play against each other on Kaillera? I’m concerned there might be a version problem or something.

If anyone has any advice on the topic, I would appreciate it.


I don’t think there is a kailera client for mac.



Is there a P2P option or something? Damn mac users, making my life difficult.


why don’t you get your buddy to run bootcamp+ a copy of tinyXP…


That’s not too likely. He’s pretty hardcore anti-windows. I doubt he’d go through the effort for MAME.


it’s not Apple’s fault the Kaillera client isn’t Open Source.


Yeah, there is no kaillera client for Mac as of yet… also, I believe the emulator versions need to be the same, which doesn’t seem to be happening either. Bootcamp seems like the best way to do it.