Mac support for TE Fightsticks?


I just got my 360 TE Fightstick from Gamestop today and was wondering if there is any possible way to get it working on my macbook pro. My wired 360 controller works with an independently made driver available on the net but sadly it does not recognize the Fightstick. Will Mad Catz release an OSX driver any time soon?


Sorry to bump this but I’m dying to play some of my emulators with this beast. I know some people have gotten the Hori stick to work, has anyone experimented with the Madcatz sticks or gamepads?


Haven’t tried it with a TE, but this driver works with my customs and hori sticks.

Maybe this is the driver you were already talking about though. If so, shrug…


Yeah, I have that, it works great with my wired 360 controller. Did you have to do anything specific to get your Hori and customs working with the driver, or was it just plug and play?

Also, when I check the USB properties in “About This Mac” it shows up as a Madcatz TE Fightstick but I have no idea how to configure it.