Mac user getting a PC.. what software is recommended?

I am getting a new toshiba satellite that will arrive on friday. I have never really used a owned a pc with windows and I was wondering what software you all think I need/should get?

In case it matters I will be using window 7 as the operating system.

Firefox as your main browser, Avast Free Spyware, WinRar/7Zip are all essential for every PC user and is free

others i recommend: Media Player Classic, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Microsoft Office/Open Office.

for starters, you should get some sort of anti-virus/spyware. kaspersky was what i used when i had a pc and it worked great. other than that, if you need microsoft office you will have to purchase that seperately (microsoft works should already be included).

Definitely this. 7zip is a FREE program that alllows you to open RAR files and create archive files of your own for whenever you are hosting a download with more than one file. There is no good stuff to add to IE and its a garbage browser by default, so definitely get firefox from and the firefox add-on AdBlock and that easylist subscription that comes with it, which pretty much blocks most to all ads you will ever encounter online which=little to no spyware cookies on your computer.

Once you get all of this youre pretty much set, assuming that you really only use your computer to browse the internet and other miscellaneous shit e.g photo editing, gaming, business etc.

EDIT: Kinda ironic how you have to use I.E in order to download firefox lol.

Is avast anywhere near as good as a paid program such as norton or kaspersky?

Lol yea really, make sure to do a spyware scan right after you open IE and download FF

Make sure to download noscript for firefox also.

Get linux.

is avast anywhere as good as paid programs such as norton?

Yes Avast is one of the best, Norton isnt good at all, it’s a resource hog and doesnt have the best protection.

VLC Media Player for all your media playback needs, except RealMedia.

Just get the CCCP Codec pack configure it right and you can get any player to run any format (I still get a kick out of running MKVs, and FLVs on Media Player 12). Also, I’m going to go against what the rest are saying and suggest getting Google Chrome over Firefox especially since it’s closer to Safari than the latter. Just get the AdBlock or AdThwart extension.

lavasoft ad-aware+spybot s&d to start, and there are good things being said abt combofix & malwarebytes. if you want to spring for a commercial anti-virus, nod32 is AWESOME.

google chrome for fast browsing, firefox for highly customizable browsing (with the necessary protective extensions like adblock and such), google chrome frame for ie for those times you’re forced to use ie (windows updates if you don’t have automatic updates turned on).

cccp codec pack like d3v said, realalternative+tara for realmedia playback in winamp, vlc player for any remaining video format. i use winamp for audio (VERY extensible, and in some cases the ONLY way to listen to some formats), but others will swear by foobar2000 (i avoided it for a long time cuz it wasn’t updated).

replace the default notepad w/either notepad2, notepad++, or programmers notepad. if you choose to program, there are also a whole lot more choices on windows than mac. to replace the default paint, gimp if you want a free photoshop-like. mac photoshop always was better than win photoshop, tho, and mac gimp is…kinda gimped.

being a windows user who converted to mac long ago, it really is kinda hard to replicate the mac experience on windows, but windows 7 seems to go a long way towards that, and in some cases (particularly w/games) it’s just as hard (if not harder) to replicate the windows experience on mac (like system sound schemes–that’s built-in on windows, but mac users need a “haxie” that doesn’t even work on snow leopard).