Mac Widgets

What are some very useful widgets.

im not looking for silly game widgets i’m more concerned with cool/helpful/convient widgets.

im new to mac so besides widgets any other programs for mac would be awesome too.

Here are some useful software

*Adium (MSN, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, QQ, Gadu-Gadu, Bonjour, XMPP, Yahoo Messenger et.c)

*Stuffit (Like Winrar)

*Transmit (Transfer with FTP)

*Transmission (Torrent-software)

*VLC (Video-software)

I dunno what kind off Widgets you want but look here:

I have this really awesome widget I have been using for years called webfrog. It converts text to html and whatever, great for that kind of thing. I have a golden girls widget that’s just a picture of them, I dunno why I downloaded that but at the time I thought it was awesome.

I second TRNG’s recommendation of VLC and Adium, I use those programs often. VLC can play most video formats and I love it. I think I’m gonna check out transmit and transmission.

there are tons of useful widgets, you just have to search. I have a vanadiel clock widget telling me what time it is in Final Fantasy XI, and what time shops are closed, etc. You just have to look. Soo much stuff.

i have a ton of widgets… but the ones i use most regularly are probably:

unit conversion
sticky note
CPU/HDD temp

you can get all those from apple’s widget search. as to 3rd party app’s… i’d HIGHLY recommend virtuedesktops & quicksilver. both are amazing productivity app’s. you’ll thank me later :wink:

Also, if you are into web development try this out: