Macbook died looking for a new laptop... any ideas?

So the macbook that my parents got me for college is now dead and I am looking to get a new laptop. I have decided that I am going to get a non mac laptop this time so that I can run things like ggpo and sfiv for pc without using bootcamp or parallels/crossover.

What kinds of laptops do you guys use and/or suggest that I purchase? (looking in the 1000 or less price range with 6 to 7 hundred being ideal)

Thank you for your help.

look into an intel based toshiba satellite, there should be plenty to choose from in your price range.

Don’t get an AMD satellite though

can you help me with the difference between windows 7, xp and vista and what you think is better?

7 x64 > all previous version, hands down, no real need to compare

Would something like this work good enough for ggpo/sf4?

That’ll work with ggpo no problem, but seriously lacks in graphics power, highly doubt it’ll run sf4 smoothly.

The issue with gaming laptops is their 3d power comes at a price and its usually pretty expensive.

I’ll be nice and show you what I’m looking atm.