MacBook - Pro or Air?

Need to get a MacBook and trying to decide on Pro or Air ASAP. I will be doing basic design stuff, like promotional flyers and business cards, possibly some web design, and maybe video and music editing.

Like the Air because of course it looks cool, but I really like the size and weight of it. Like the Pro because technically it is just better.

I can get the Air for $1600, and the Pro for $1500 (base models for both). Never had a Mac before or done any of the stuff I will be doing with it so really need advice. Thanks for advice in advance, but please leave it to these 2 laptops only. :tup:

As a graphic designer myself get the pro. The air is not even an option for you.

You will not regret getting the mac pro. You can not upgrade your air. Video and music editing takes a lot of hard drive space and ram. The ram on the air is 2gigs max. Go for the pro you can run circles around that air.

The air is more for email and internet…period.

Enjoy your new mac!

no air

air is a lightweight high class consumer model, meant for those with alot of money and a little space.

people who want to do serious shit need the pro, or even the mac book which offers more options

Since it sounds like you are looking for a desktop replacement it is probably safer to go for the MBP. If I were to buy a laptop for myself though I’d value portability over performance, the MBP is a bit heavy for my taste (writing this post from one at work) so personally I’d go for an Air with larger external display for home use…

air is a fucking joke, you can either have fun with “lol there’s nothing in it but it’s really thin, have a usb port since we’re feeling gracious today” or have something useful (as far as macs go at least) with pro

This is pretty much how I feel. I really like the size of the Air, the Pro seemed pretty large and heavy especially since I have to lug a lot of other stuff around and travel frequently.

The Air is a rip. The better question would be between a Macbook and Macbook Pro.

I was just helping my girlfriend make this same decision so I feel partially well-informed on the subject.

The Air is overpriced to start with, and lacks out-of-the-box so many features and functions a normal computer should have. Don’t get it unless you already have a good Apple desktop computer as your main and you’re all about portability and fashion.

On that note, I’m not even sure if you’d want the Pro. The major difference between it and the vanilla Mac Book is the addition of a high-end video card. This video card greatly improves the performance of these things: 3D games, 3D modelling/rendering programs, and CAD-type design application. If those are the reasons you’re buying a computer, you’re way better off just buying a Windows computer to start with.

The Pro does have a slightly larger screen, but if a big screen is that important to you then maybe you shouldn’t be looking at something meant for portability.

Speaking of screens, there’s two options. Regular and glossy. Which one is better?

I have regular on mine. I don’t like the glare you get on the glossy. But glossy gives you better contrast.

Air is not for the people who are new to mac, you have got to have another mac already to install mac os x on Air, Air doesn’t have DVD/CD drive just another gay fragile laptop for the show.

My advice is to get MBP not the base model but the middle one. For the screen get gloossy.

i love my MBP. i’m a mechanical engineering grad student FWIW.

Pro if you plan on actual work being done.

air if you plan on being a pompus yuppie who things cd roms are old shit
Even the people at pc stores will tell you not to get it unless you already own 1-2 pc’s already

I forgot to add: if you order it from the Apple website, I believe you can get free shipping, and a student discount (if this applies to you), and the option of doing a few incremental hardware upgrades. You can choose how much RAM you want, pick the size of the hard drive, even add Parallels in there I think.

Glossy - best in lower light, fine indoors (Do you ever use your computer with lights off and blinds shut?)
Regular - best in brighter light, fine indoors (Do you ever use your computer outside on a sunny day?)

For me, can someone please confirm the following…
Your video card does not affect the efficiency of video playing and editing, codecs, and 2D graphics handling, correct? Just wanted to make sure I’m not spouting lies.

EDIT: about screens, nevermind what I wrote above.
Glossy - more vivid colours, darker blacks, brighter whites, but reflects more (not just glare)
Regular - a.k.a. matte, much less reflection, but not as “luscious”
(I read this)
I’m glad you brought this up! I think we’ll go to the store and see them side-by-side before we make a decision. :rofl:

Please don’t waste your money upgrading RAM through Apple. They charge a ridiculous amount for a RAM upgrade that you can get for more than half off elsewhere.

Oh, and Pro for sure. MBA wouldn’t even cut it as a secondary computer for me.


Pro. Please close this thread.

PRO for sure!!!

Get the Pro…If this is your first Mac, there is really no reason to get a MBA…like mentioned before it doesn’t even have a DVD/CD drive for installs…And you get way more from the MBP.