Macbook Pro Retina + bootcamp + 360 Round2 TE


Ok, so I have a MBP Retina. I just bootcamped it and installed Win 7Home Premium 64bit.
AE2012 installed and runs great, however, I cannot get any drivers to install for the TE.

Win 7 just does not want to install any driver for it, but it knows that the stick is a Madcatz TE.

While I can use my Qanba Q4RF to play, if I take my MBP with me and someone wants to play, their TE won’t work, so if possible, it’d be nice to get this working right.

I did try installing the generic 360 controller drivers off of microsofts website, but it was a no go either. Anyone have any other ideas?


Once windows is running, insert your osx install disk that came with the MacBook
Run Apple software update


OSX install disk? It didn’t come with one. Bootcamp was installed as a program and then runs as and creates the configure files on an external drive/usb drive. In this case, it downloaded all the drivers.


I’m wondering if it’s the version of Win 7 I have installed. Either that or there must be some conflict/bad drivers for the MBP Retina. It’s just really weird that I don’t have this problem on my desktop. I mostly think it’s really weird that Win 7 can identify that it’s a madcatz te, but it won’t find or install any driver for it…