Macbook Vs Macbook Pro


Hey guys i was wondering if you could tell me some of the main differences between the macbook and macbook pro aside from the prices. Not real good with computers but was interested in getting one of them. Any of you guys have either one? What are you experiences with them?


Lol I just bought one. Well, the base model macbook pro has a Navidia 9500 graphic card. It has a faster processor and an aluminum case which is cool cuz it more durable. It also comes with light up keyboard and SD slot. Your best bet is to go to a best buy and take a look. If you like I recommend to buy it from amazon since its 200.00 cheaper cuz you get it $50 cheaper and for some reason they didnt charge me tax just the price seen in the cart when i order it.


what about straight from an apple store?


check the prices i think they are the same as the bestbuy prices and you have to pay taxes i think. I like amazon cuz they have top notch customer service and better prices. But the choice falls into you in the end


Not that I want to argue with someone making overt and covert sexual references but the information is quite right. There are only 4 basic differences between the Pro and non-pro version. The case, firewire port, HDD, and SD card slot. The pro is a little smaller in all dimensions and comes with all the goodies mentioned except one. A pro comes with a 160Gb HDD while the non-pro has a 250Gb standard. Some of the upgrades for the pro exceed the non-pro but you can look at those for yourself. As far as taxes go, it depends on your state. If Amazon has a distribution center there you pay and if Apple has a store there you pay. Customer service is a non-issue for both.


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uh… neither. get a PC so you can play games :stuck_out_tongue:


If your looking for is to play games…lol then there are things like a PS3, xbox360, WII etc. But if you looking for just to purely play games then maybe PC is the thing for you. You can get crossover mac and that will allow you to play games that are windows base but without the licensing. I’m looking in to get this myself for ggpo on my mac. But for everything else, the mac will run circles around any PC you put in front of it.


i have a mbp and my gf has a mb. they are both good computers. I got the pro because I needed the hardware to run things like solidworks, matlab and other engineering programs. If you are doing general computer stuff (non program intensive things), the cheaper mb should do fine. My mbp also drains the battery quicker BUT this is a 2007 model, not the new 8hr battery model so I don’t know if it got better now…


BootCamp and have it dual boot to Windows for your gaming. That’s what my brother did with his MacBook.


That’s a really strong statement, but I don’t want to change this into a Mac vs PC debate. They both have the same hardware, just different OSes.


I have a Macbook Pro and I’m typing this forum post while booted using Windows XP.

You can install something called bootcamp which will boot your Mac into Windows. It will become a Windows PC. If you restart again you can switch to Mac OS X. Windows runs fine on Macs. =)

Macbook Pros are much faster and much more powerful. If you want to play games or do video editing, go with a Pro. If you want to check e-mail then just get a normal Macbook.

If you don’t want to have to restart every time you switch between Mac and Windows, you can install a ‘VirtualPC’ which lets you run both at the same time. This method is slow though, and not really meant for gaming.


boot camp is already installed on os x by default

and the op was confusing me at first, but he is talking about regular macbooks and 13 inch macbook pros. they are nearly identical as far as capabilities. i dont see how the 13 inch macbook pro is any better other than a couple ports

but the 15"+ macbook pros is a different story

lastly you cannot install virtual pc that is only for powerpc


I think he meant “Virtualization Software” such as stuff from VMware or Parallels. Never tried it because I’m happy with bootcamp.

If you are doing graphics/processor heavy stuff like 3d animation, video, Gaming visual effects, scientific stuff and engineering stuff you should get a MB Pro.

Otherwise a Regular Macbook should do.


If you’re going to be using heavy video editing/audio editing/photoshopping then go for the Pro. I own a 2007 black macbook and photoshop, sd video editing, and audio editing all work smooth and I have no complaints. When you start using it heavy and getting into bigger file sizes it does go a bit slower, so you’d appreciate the pro’s hardware that helps it out a lot.

So basically if you’re going to be using it for internet and light audio/video/picture editing then go with the regular. Heavier stuff go for the pro.


Why would you tell someone to just get a PC when they clearly said “MacBook or MacBook Pro?”

Common PCs had an advantage in the gaming department years ago when Macs still used PPC processors, but that’s a thing of the past now. If you’re in need of Windows gaming or other applications that don’t natively run on OS X, there are 3 great options available that I am currently aware of (these were mentioned above):

[list]Create a separate Windows partition using the Boot Camp utility.[/list]
[list]Use software called CrossOver and/or CrossOver Games. I have these and they work marvelously.[/list]
[list]Use virtualization software such as Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion. These are not emulators. They run Windows (and other operating systems) natively. The only thing emulated is the hardware, but not the software itself. I have Parallels and it is definitely worth getting.[/list]

Each one has their pros and cons of course. Dual booting with a separate partition means you can’t do things in OS X at the same time as Windows, but it also means that you can dedicate all of your hardware to Windows, useful for CPU and GPU intensive applications.

CrossOver isn’t a perfect solution. Many applications don’t work with it 100%, or at all. But for the ones that do, you get to run Windows apps as if they were native to OS X without having to boot up another OS. Very convenient.

VM software allows you to run multiple OSes at the same time, but you have to share your hardware specs between them. The VM software has some options that give you control over RAM allocation, CPU usage, battery usage, etc. This option isn’t as good for intensive applications, but you can still use it for that purpose if your hardware is good enough (MacBook Pro). It’s most convenient for people who will use both OS X and Windows apps at the same time, and it’s got some nice view modes like Coherence and Crystal to help streamline that purpose.

So basically, if you’re going to use the computer a lot, play games, use a lot of applications at once, etc., get a MBP. If you’re going to use it for mostly basic tasks, get a MB.

The newer MBs are pretty capable, though. They can run plenty of demanding stuff at once, but I still recommend a MBP if you’re going to use it as your main computer and do a lot with it.


Honestly, just because you have a macbook in any form does not mean that it’s good for any media editing whatsoever. The fact that Macs are superior for editing media comes from the fact that their TOWERS do all of this, not the macbooks. Yeah you can run the same programs, and maybe edit a couple of fucking gif files or some stupid ass short movies you made for your intro to film making course, but try doing any real work and see how it handles. It doesn’t even have all the proper audio in/out connections, 3.5mm out and Mic/Optical in? Correction, optical plus adapter in.


PC’s will actually have a much, MUCH larger selection of hardware. Apple makes you use what they want you to.


THANK YOU MY FRIEND, but for the rest of you NO!!! 13 inch macbook pros are not better. i don’t even know how you could even compare anything else. the 15 inch is totally different, with a decent graphics card aside from the crappy battery saver.

2.26GHz : 250GB
2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo <------LOOOK
2GB DDR3 memory
250GB hard drive1
8x double-layer SuperDrive
NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics <-------LOOOOK

13-inch: 2.26GHz
Intel Core 2 Duo <-------LOOOK
2GB Memory
160GB hard drive1
SD card slot
Built-in 7-hour battery2
NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics <-------LOOOOOK

the only thing you pay for is the cool metal design, if youve never used a mac, chances are you wont use firewire either.

@spideyman is this a dabate with the plastic 13 inch and the metal 15 inch?


I had no idea 13 inch macbook pros were so similar to their non-pro counterparts.

I use a 15-inch macbook pro for my animation/film work and it’s quite powerful. If you must have a 13 inch laptop I’d go with the normal Macbook. 15 and 17 inch pro models are much better though.