Mace: The Dark Age (MAME)

Does anyone have this for MAME? I want to get some matches in p2p.

Post up!!! :woot:

For all your MTDA maddness!!!


You gonna have to show me how to get it working though cause I never was able to.
That and It’s been AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGES since I played this. I used to rent it at BlockBuster every weekend :rofl:

PLUS I don’t remember a single move or name in the game, but I do remeber I liked it.

lord deimos!

…is fucking awesome!!!

What?! This is on Mame? I’ll play this if I can get it to work. Used to play it all the time back on the N64
Takeshi FTW

They aren’t even using the counter attack, but i guess that’s for the best. BTW does it even run on mame?? Is there an n64 emu that can run it also?

Wow it looks like I wasn’t the only one that couldn’t get it to work.

waits for AcidGlow to show us how to run it

daaaaamn, I’m so disappointed…
I thought you were refering to that dark edge :


which is the most crapful fighting game ever (I always thought it was taboo on srk boards)

Hi, I’m the owner of the youtube channel. Seems like digimonemporer made good on his promise. Yes, it runs on Mame but you’ll need a hell of a machine. It’s way better than the N64 version. I have a sample video of what the Mame version is.

Basically, you’ll need the rom and the CHD. There’s mace and macea, the former is the final rom version (version 1.0C, I believe) and the latter is where the N64 is based on (version 1.0A). Then, you’ll have to look for the CHD, but you’ll have more luck finding that in the seedy underworld of the interwebs.

Then the last hold up, pc specs. I have mine running at around 20 fps, and it’s real slow.



Why did you take it down AcidGlow ? I was gonna follow your instructions =(

All he said was to get the N64 emu. and you can use p2p. The graphics are kinda messed up on the emu, but other than that it seems to play fine. All the combos still work, jab infs. work, but i couldn’t get takeshi’s HHS inf. to work for some reason.

But he said which emu. vers. is best for it over netplay.

cause it was up for days and nobody really cared. so now I don’t care.

:rofl: that makes no sense.

Anyways, djfrijoles you can probably try using project64 or mupen64


takeshi for the win

a 3D fighter with sprites?!:rofl:
i don’t know why, but that game looks pretty cool to me

Pojo the Chicken and Ned the Janitor = God tier