Mace the Dark Ages


hey i have a room mate and he owns it, he likes it alot and we play it all the time, does anyone know anything indepth about it? whats the tier list? do u think its balanced?

i myself kinda enjoy it but i’m not really into it i just wanna know some info so i can show him what other players think of it.


I liked Mace a lot back in the days, i had sum great fights. Best Midway fighter imo.

Top Tiers are >> Lord Deimos, Al Rashid, Takeshi
(based on discussion)


Tiers = Takeshi then everyone else, from what I remember you gotz some infinite issues in the game, Takeshi just has the fastest moves with the longest range to start his off of.

Honorable mention to Lord Ghaur however, but his windmill infinite is actually somewhat hard to pull off.

Game sux ass though, if not for Ghaur I wouldn’t have played it.



haha!!! i knew this game had to have some type of broken ass infinites!!!

does anyone still remember any infinites? who do u think is the worst character in the game?

i also think this is midway’s best fighter, it reminds me ALOT of street fighter for some odd reason.


I think this game sucked to much ass to ever be taken seriously, I just thought the dwarf with the cannon sounded funny and windmilling people to death was too good.

I hardly remember any of the infinites now, I know Takeshis started with a low, long range sword poke, but that’s about it.
Sides from that the movement sucked, graphics were just eh’ the innovations were blargh, fatalities could have been better, and did I mention the movement sucked? This game is the poster boy of “one hit and you’re dead” video games.


I remember that game.
I liked it, but it got repetitive very quickly and the controls left something to be desired.
I always wondered if a sequel was gonna come out.

Lord Deimos was one of the better character designs to date IMO.
Nights are always cool in any videogame.


That’s odd. Other than the Xiao Long infinite and the Takeshi infinite, and any “crouching with the back to the wall” overhead infinites, I don’t know of any infinites in the game. The FAQs don’t have much on the subject. (Note to designers: if you’re going to put a repeatable special move in the game, either limit the repeats (Koyasha, Mordos Kull) or knock the opponent down (Dregan, Al-Rashid).)
Then again, I used Namira and Koyasha. I think I was starting to learn Dregan when I moved on. (My 11-hit Namira combo did 1/3 life bar and was still considered excessive?)

I still kinda like the game. It’s not a deep or tournament-worthy fighting game, but it’s the only 3D fighting game with projectiles that didn’t annoy me. The designs were fun, and Atari’s weird sense of humor kept showing up without overshadowing the game. (It was Atari, not Midway, who made this game.)

Hell Knight was the overpicked scrub character where I played. Pojo was a headache to play as and a headache to fight.


I saw this game the other day, holy God was it ugly.



the only infinite that i knew was the takeshi infinite . . . the tightest looking character in the game is ichiro, his combos are sick


this game is one my favorites its all tight, i remember i would pick the Executioner, i liked his level it was all crazy with the dead bodys hanging everywhere and shit