Macguyver-ing a Bat top


My faithful pelican bat top died… I had modified it to put on my TE stick at release and it lasted till now mid match it failed and cost me a win. I tried to save it, went as far as JB weld and various other things but nothing would make it hold up under game play.

So scouring my house for anything I could use as a bat top one of our kitchen table chairs had to be sacrificed. It was a bit to large even for my tastes but I clamped my non-dremel generic rotary tool down and made a Lathe so I could sand it down a half inch evenly.

The bolt in the NES advantage ball top is spot on for a Sanwa stick by the way, but not easy to get out.

3 coats of Polyurethane and a ATSU kanji I have a perfect bat top.

And for smart ass’s who are like “they are $5 dollars” I can’t dash with a ball top backwards, I’m impatient and Lizardlick was out of everything but sky blue.

Custom ball Tops? Discuss here

So is this a permanent replacement or a temporary replacement? Either way I enjoyed this little story of yours :smiley:


Awesome mod. No joke, that made my day.

Not to be rude, but they do have the aluminum tops in stock in every color but black and red:

Focusattack has red, white, and light blue sanwa battops in stock as well:

Still, I admire your ingenuity and creative approach to the problem at hand. If the top was a little rounder and was mass produced I could see this becoming a viable product as well, see what you can do about making this a real product(CNC milled of course).


Thanks, glad it was worth picturing.

I just finished ordering a bat top just in case, I can’t try it out until tomorrow when the poly’s hard but barring some unfortunate discovery it will be a permanent replacement. It had a real solid feel, the NES advantage bolt is a huge and set really well so I think it’s a keeper.


I like how you used a rotary tool for a lathe. I am going to do that one day.


Not enough duct tape and bubble gum to be called a proper MacGuyver job.


Here it is mounted. It played great It’s slightly larger than a happ but I have large hands so it works out.

Sumi-e art mod incoming I think.


Very cool. And the story too.


This custom wooded bat top represents the spirit of Tech Talk.
Why did we do it, because of Tech Talk!