Machine Gun Blow-->SAII

Ok I have been trying to link Dudley SAII into his Machine Gun Blow, but can’t seem to get it even once. Has any1 done this yet??

far as i know, it only works on Makoto.

it’ll probably work vs. Yun and Yang as well, since you can go into Rocket Uppercut (possibly Corkscrew too, since they have the exact same start up) from strong MGB.


i just re-read your post and you’re wanting to go into MGB after SA2 finishes? k, i’m confused 'cuz your thread title says MGB -> SA2. oh well. i’ve done twds + strong on a few characters after SA2, but i’ve never tried doing MGB.


I meant SAII linked after MGB.You might be right about it only working on makoto,that was who it was done on when i saw it.

Yup, only Makoto, I’ve tried that combo on every char on the game but was only able to pull it off on Makoto, but who knows maybe my timing could be off.