Mackin a come back...?

well im sure ill get flamed but i wanna make a come back and im having trouble figuring out where i should go from my current standpoint…i have good experience in the game seeing how it was all i use to play when it first came out on the dreamcast but this was way before infinites and stuff… my characters back then was…
cammy, guile, charlie, cable, tron, jill… skills were around the the main combos to supers, little chains between assists and combo to supers… as time went on i quit and then played every so often whenever i went to an arcade…
Now i have it for PS2 :frowning: and i have kinda widened character horizon…
i see all the crazy stuff people do now and i think i have some potential but i wanna know if i should first start by getting a dreamcast and mvc2 with arcade controller or if i should stick to the ps2 version and get an arcade controller? i hear there is a huge difference…?
but as for my new current set of characters i still use the old list plus… storm, CapCom, doctor doom,Psylocke… i really want to get good with storm, capcom, but i cant decide on either cable or cammy…my friend suggest sentinel but i dont know? and my level with them is about the same with the other characters but a little better…so sorry for the long post but some opinions would be appreciated…

ps i have experience in sc, tekken, and cvsnk

Why the rush patnah’?!? lol

Dude, there are SO many options in Marvel, you just gotta test em’ out against other people and see what you like. There is no definitive at the moment, but STRONG teams usually involve one of the following:

-100% or near 100% DHC potential from point and 2nd character
-‘safe’ DHC’s in case your character has to high-tail it off the dancefloor
-USEFUL assists whether that means they help you control a strong spatial area, they pack hella damage on hit, they give you some time to breathe and change the rhythm vs a fierce opponent, or just help your character do what they do best
-your point character has to have a plan of attack…you gotta know their strengths and weaknesses and then you gotta work on your execution

If ya don’t know where to start, look on the forum for teams that have already been tested and give them a run. Change what you don’t like, keep what you do like. It’s all good if you are.

Marvel = Execution

get a DC. it’s so cheap. can’t you get a DC for like $25 off ebay, and it’ll usually include MvC2 or you can find other ways to get it.

DC is totally worth it if you like capcom fighting games.

DC + arcade stick if u want to be “good”

well i just remembered that i had a dream cast so one down and two to go…i found the game easily but as for the arcade controller im not sure which one to get…any opinions?

Many ppl would strong suggest

There are many threads already on joystick preferences and all that so im not gonna go there.

Other than that build your own. With minor knowledge in woodworking and electronics its wayyyy cheaper to order parts from manufacturer and build it. Just a tiny bit time consuming.

Or, if you wanna get crunk, check out some of custom stick builders on SRK. There are several who will cater to your needs for not a whole lot more than you would be giving to mas. You can get the stick you want, and have it personable, with all your preferences worked out. And you get to hear everyone say “Where did you get that stick”??!? :looney:

yea check here for custom sticks:

so these controllers are no good?

1 example: vs Green Goblin stick you mentioned above.

Result: Green Goblin pwned! Guy, they just look way sweeter. Also, it kinda adds a signature to ur stick for id purposes, ya know? Your buy though.