Macro software?


Hey guys, I’m trying to make a video to explain the intricacies of a move and what punishes it. I’m having trouble in training mode recording the timing for the reversal. Is there any macro software out there built specifically for recording SF inputs? I want to set it so that Cody will do reversal cr.:lk: xx Criminal Upper after Chun hits him with :lk: legs. I google’d it, but I could only find some basic software and a bunch of forum posts of people complaining about macros.

TL;DR: I need macro software to make a video. Already google’d it.


Something like this?


I downloaded Autoit, but I can’t find any way to program a reversal (regardless of how early or late the move comes). Is that possible?


Dunno. I don’t really use it, and I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to accomplish.


Nope. Go into training mode, P1 Cody and P2 Chun, record Chun doing the lightning legs, and then play it back and show the punish.


Just thinking out loud, but if you set the Action to Human in training mode and have both players on keyboard controls, it seems like AutoIt should be able to do the inputs for both players and do the reversal at the right time. Not sure if AutoIt can hold down keys, but you could manually hit down back until Cody’s in block-stun, then let go and let the script do the rest.

On the other hand, if you can’t do it the way Toodles suggested it’s not a very practical punish.


I tried that, but the problem is that is HAS to be reversal legs after blocking :lp: Criminal Upper (the spacing is very specific) =/

To elaborate: Cody does :lp: Criminal Upper. Chun blocks, and punishes with reversal :lk: Legs. It will hit Cody with two hits, but push him out of the hitbox for the last hits, and Cody can punish with cr.:lk: xx Criminal Upper. I want to record this to use in a video about Chun’s punishment options.

That’s a fantastic idea, I hadn’t thought of letting AutoIt do BOTH characters’ inputs…thanks!

That’s sort of the point…this is a, “HEY DON’T PUNISH WITH :LK: LEGS 'CAUSE CODY WILL PUNISH YOU.” type thing. It’s targeted towards Chun players, not Cody players =P

Thanks for all of your input, guys!