Macro sticks/ controllers

Has anyone experimented with this type of thing or used it before?

On most sticks and pads Macro is finicky at best. And overall with other players Macro is frown on.
Macro is banned at tournaments and discouraged on online play and local multiplayer.

Other words macros (other than the in game macros such a 3 X Kick in Street Fighter, or a throw in Mortal Kombat) is consider cheating.

Just because somethings tournament banned or frowned upon by a lot of players in match doesn’t mean it has no place.
I used an arduino (mostly because I was bored and had it laying around) to test maximum damage from Tamakis 360 in Aquapazza.

I’ve been contemplating building something I have more finite control over to use in training mode for a bit now, for games that have shitty training modes. Haven’t gotten past the “this may be useful” phase.

What was the name of that super rare 10 button PS stick?

spital sangyo? there was also hori’s command stick PS

I built one, messed with it for a while, and then gave it away.
Did stuff like the El Fuerte combo at 3:15 of this video:

It was the Spital. Friend of mine has one, so does MarkMan. Those are the only two people I know off that have one.

i didnt ask if it was banned or frowned upon. you seem to be following everything i do.

as for everyone else

ive been looking into the viking macro controller, it seems pretty solid and stable. but the price is about $340.

i knew i could with arduino, but ive never messed with any of that stuff

Because I have a eight button personality that goes all “Lou Ferrigno” over the smallest things.

Any ways you asked a general question I gave you a general answer.
I have my choice of horrible ugly truths or beautiful lies, I choose to be honest and sugar coat nothing.

If you are struggling with Hit Box builds and it’s costs why are you considering a $340 Wacko Macro controller?
If you can’t make your own wire harness why bother with a custom stick with an arduino?

Looking at the viking program, it appears that it’s really just a rapid fire/reload mod. I can’t see where the functionality for programming anything more complicated exists.

Insanecombo made something that is probably closer to your requirements, not sure if they’re still around. Funny, I just checked their website, in the forums people yesterday are asking for 0.016sec intervals for commands, which is the first thing I pointed about on seeing their setup, some years ago. So, not convinced how much updating they’re doing.

Personally I’d recommend tooling around with arduino.

im not struggling with anything, simply figuring out what would be a better alternative is all. you make it seem as if nobody has any brains and that you are all knowing. i can make wire harnesses, i was referring to an arduino.

the macro controller can do much more than rapid fire/ reload. it is a macro controller and can perform as such, meaning it has the abilty to record lets say, a trick on skate and play it back every time you push the button, another example lets say SSF4 or something, combos you might not be able to do because of the strict timing, you could program it on the computer or if you think thats too unrealistic, you could just have your specials to one button to make life easier.

im more or less just asking for other peoples thoughts and suggestions and if someone can point me in the right direction to being able to buld my own macro controller, i would probably do so just to do it

Your search-fu is weak!

sefu rufus thank you