Macros for Trials


I nearly completed the game( as you can see here:, and I only have to do the 4th and 5th normal trial for most of the characters and all the hard trials to unlock the last 2 achievements.
So, being that it’s more or less impossible to me to do it normally I tried by speeding down the game( like someone suggested), but it became more difficult than normal, so I have no way to unlock those 2 last achievements. So I remembered of autohotkey people was talking. Is there someone here who is using it and can help me to set it so that i works with SF4? I really don’t need it to play online( for that I have the TE. :D), but only to finish these trials.

P.S: I can offer, in exchange, the memory addresses to have as many battle/grade/championship/arcade points you want( you can check the ingame ladder. my nick is elevul).


You suck… more specificly your lack of morals


I agree. :lovin:


just download and run the unlocker.


Which unlocks only characters/titles/colours/avatars, but not the challenges… :sad:


:wasted:thats pretty sad


Yeah, I know. I would love an achievement unlocker trainer too, but it doesn’t exist yet… :sad:


just go buy a programmable controller to get the job done


Look, I spent 170euro to buy the TE.
I have no intention of buying another controller… :asd:
Also because I wouldn’t be able to program the programmable controller.


Just go to a trophy store and have them make you a bunch of trophies for random crap that you didn’t do.

That’s all you want right? A meaningless achievement for your feeble attempt to impress your online “friends.”


People who cheat to get GS points are losers and don’t deserve to have a e-dick as long as the e-dicks of who unlocked the achievements in a legit way.


just send me your ps3/360/pc and your copy of the game, and i promise to unlock everything for you and ebay it…i mean return it




Wow, congratulations! O__O
Sadly I’m not good enough to do it… :sad:


I’m not playing on ps3, but on PC… :smiley:


:confused: lolfail, God I hope this is a troll thread


jesus, who the hell buys street fighter to unlock achievements?


learn how to play the fucking game and beat it yourself.