Macros in Mame

Is there any way to set up macros in mame? By macros I mean I can hit one button and it’ll do a dragon punch.

just play megaman in MvsC :slight_smile:

I’m just hoping you’re trying to make a combo video and NOT trying to use macros on real fights

jugoso: You are correct, sir. I don’t play online anyway.

So…no one knows?

To my knowledge, no. You can set simultaneous presses but not sequential ones. You’d need a program pad, or possibly an external application but I imagine there could be sync problems there.
What’s the game you’re working on? FBA, Kawaks and I think Nebula all can set macros like that.

edit: could try this in combination with full life cheats but I’m not sure how well it would work -

the only way to do so is to use autoit