Mad Catz 360 Arcade Stick


Few questions about this:

1.) Is it possible to get the triggers from this pcb to work by wiring them the same way you wire every other button (i.e. without having to add a lot of extra complex wiring).

2.) If it is not possible to get the triggers from this pcb to work in that way, is it necessary to use resistors on those triggers so that they do not interfere with the other button signals?

3.) If one must put resistors on these triggers, how should that be done?

4.) Can this pcb be wired with a single daisy chain ground strung across all buttons and connecting to only one point on the pcb?

Any answers would be appreciated.


Dig through this thread, it should tell you everything you need to know: It has specific information on the retro stick scattered throughout.


Thanks, I just read that thread.

It sounds to me like the easiest way to get around the triggers is to just not use them. To ensure that they don’t act up, it sounds like you must:

Remove the potentiometer
Place a 10K ohm resistor between two of the three points

Can someone tell me which of the 3 contacts below the potentiometer i should be connecting with the resistor?

And if someone can answer question #4 please - nothing in that thread related to grounds. On all of these wiring diagrams, I see multiple ‘common’ grounds… but do you only need to connect a wire from one ground on the pcb and then just daisy chain it amongst all buttons?

Thanks in advance!


The top 2 contacts. You can then attach a wire to the bottom leg of the resistor (pots middle pad) and it will work like the live wire all the other buttons.

I use one ground from the left bumper to use for the sticks ground and the right bumpers ground for all the other buttons for wire management reasons but you can daisy chain one ground for every single button.