Mad Catz 360 Controller Issues


Hey guys. I just got a used 2007 Mad Catz 360 controller to use for my custom stick. Everything was going well until I plugged it into my PC to zero out the triggers before gluing the pot’s down. Anyway, when I plugged it in, the rumble motors went nuts, it wasn’t detected properly and I unplugged it. I then decided to try and zero the triggers by just plugging it into the 360, but now even the console won’t detect it like it had earlier.

I read on the Mad Catz FAQ afterward that I need to install the driver BEFORE plugging it in… but It’s kind of late for that now… >.>

I installed the driver and plugged the controller into the PC again, but it still won’t be detected by the computer properly, even though my other official M$ wired controller does work.

Anyone experience an issue similar to this? Can’t seem to find an answer anywhere :S

It would be really nice if I could get this working as I would avoid the hassle of having to use an inverter for the triggers on a newer Mad Catz controller. Any input on the issue would be greatly appreciated.



What is your operating system? Have you checked the driver tab under the control panel - > Device manager - > Wherever your device is supposed to be? If it has the wrong driver installed or no driver at all, it MAY show a yellow exclamation mark. If not, please try to find the device in question. However, its strange that it wont function on the 360 though. You probably disconnected something in the process.

Please check these things and I’ll get back to you.


I’ve got the driver that Mad Catz says I need on their website installed, and I’ve tried both XP and Vista.

“Make sure that you do not plug the 360 controller into your USB port until AFTER you have installed the drivers correctly.”

I’m guessing that the “AFTER” is implying that doing it “BEFORE” will wreck my controller… which is what seems to have happened…

In any case, it’s not worth the hassle so I’m going to just pick up a new controller. God dammit Mad Catz… -_-;;


not true, try installing XBCD+ and see if it registers after that.


I can pretty much assure you that this is not the case. I NEVER heard of a device that broke because someone ignored the usual “install drivers before plugging in”. If this was the case dozens of others would now have broken sticks because of this, which I seriously doubt. What would happen is probably that a specific OS MAY get confused about what specific driver to install, and basically make it more of a hassle. This is clearly not the case here.

I’m pretty sure that you somehow have a physical error in your stick. Maybe a plug got a bit loose when fiddling around with it?

Anyways. Good luck with getting a new stick. :dp:


Thanks for the input guys. In any case, the guy I got it from offered to trade me back the Mad Catz controller for a Microsoft wired common ground controller. Got it all wired up and working perfectly just tonight. Now all that is left is to finish up some aesthetics and I’ll be set. :slight_smile:

I’ll post some pics in one of the custom stick threads when it’s all finished.