Mad Catz 360 Padhack - *WITH* Analog Triggers

First, let me start by saying that I did my best to search for other posts dealing with the analog trigger buttons on a 360 pad, but most people seem to just leave them alone and settle for 6-button sticks. So I apologize in advance if this is covered in depth elsewhere.

I am making a joystick by padhacking a Mad Catz 360 wired pad.
I’ve no questions about any of the buttons except the analog triggers. For the other (digital) buttons the concept makes sense: depressed microswitch creates momentary current flow between signal side and ground; drop in voltage indicates button press.

However, I’m trying to wrap my head around how to go about turning the analog triggers into digital buttons. I’ve read Slagcoin’s site and it just wasn’t quite detailed enough for a 'tard like me, unfortunately.
This system seems to be a continuous flow of current whose change in voltage indicates the depth of the button press. Here is an awesome MSPAINT picture of the trigger potentiometer and what I understand the leads to do.

So, if the above picture is correct, where do I solder the signal and ground wires for the microswitch? Signal for the microswitch should go to the wiper pin, I believe, but am I just soldering to that pin and leaving it attached to the pcb?

If I kept the pot on the pcb, then I’m assuming I’d just use a multimeter to find a resistance somewhere between 5k and 10k and then hotglue the pot in that position so it never moves.

If I were to desolder the pot and use a 5k-10k resistor, then how would that look in terms of what connects to where on the PCB, and what connects to where on the microswitch?

<Naoe Shigen>

There’s this from earlier today and this one which has actual pictures. Take your pick. Either thread should get you the information you’re looking for.