Mad Catz Arcade Fight Stick SE used for PC odd results?!

So i decided to play some Street Fighter 3 on my PC when i realized something very odd when i connected my Mad Catz Arcade Fight sticks SE for the XBX360 and PS3. Overall the Sticks work fine when i connect them respectively on their intended systems. My PC is running Windows Vista 32-Bit, 4GB ram (3.5GB RAM), Intel Dual Core2Duo 1.8Ghz.

I checked the control panel game properties and both showed up differently.

The XBX360 Stick: "Arcade Stick (Street Fighter IV FightStick)"
The PS3 Stick: “PC USB Wired Stick 8818”

Here is the PS3 Stick with all the buttons showing as functional:

Here is the XBX360 Stick only showing the main 8 buttons and Back and Start. What’s weird is that the Axes do not show up at all. And the Stick itself shows up as a point of view hat, which i expected. But why no other axes when?:

Is everyone’s XBX360 Arcade Fight Stick SE or even TE doing the same thing?

When I plug in my Xbox 360 SE stick it shows the exact same picture as what you have when you plug your xbox 360 SE stick too.

Not sure why there is a difference between the two.

Sorry to ask this, but have you tried to switch from D-Pad to L Analogue on the stick?

AFAIK, PC only detect the Left Analogue stick.

Yup, tested with the LS and RS switches on their respective side. and it still turns out that way.

POV problem

hey hyp36rmax, I found that the stick worked when I had that switch in the middle position.

Like there is a 3 position switch with LS, DP, and RS. When on DP (the middle), the stick worked.