Mad Catz Arcade FightStick KE (Korean Edition) - AVAILABLE NOW for 360 and PS3


UPDATE! The product is now available. Check out more information on it here:

Put together an article on the new Mad Catz Arcade FightStick KE and the Crown CWJ-303A. Check it out!

What’s up guys! This is MarkMan… Just wanted to share with you an upcoming product that we first unveiled at the Mad Catz panel during EVO 2013. Pictured below is the new Mad Catz Arcade FightStick KE (Korean Edition)…

It will be available VERY soon, so keep your eyes peeled to for more details!

Here are some specs on the product:

[]Authentic Korean lever used in Korean arcades & Sanwa 30mm pushbuttons
]Crown CWJ-303A and Sanwa OBSF-30-O
[]Available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
]Xbox 360 version is white with white Crown CWJ-303A, PS3 version is black with black Crown CWJ-303A

Special thanks to @laugh at etokki for help in making this possible.


looks sick




so what’s so special about these korean levers? are they more responsive or something?


looks pretty dope, might pick this up.


Good: new joystick other than JLF
BAD: the same mentally retarded Taito layout


Why an SE case? I know the joysticks have a bit of an issue fitting in the TE case but was it so bad that it had to be put in an SE case?

That said, everyone should at least try a K-stick at least once. It’s incredibly fast.


Any way I can pick one of these up in Europe? (UK)


Cool idea, but you should have modded it to use crown buttons + fanta stick (not poopy crown joystick) … good job attempting to branch out though.


Well, I imagine retooling to fit Myoungshins and Crown buttons would have been significantly more expensive than the option they’ve chosen.


Very sexy.


Interesting choice in button layout, What games use that particular arrangement?
( Square, Triangle, L1, L2)
(Ex, Circle, R1, R2)


I agree, but MadCatz Fight sticks are what has brought MadCatz from a pile of shit to a standard of quality, so why not continue that tradition? If you are going to do it, do it right…

Like I said, still cool that they are branching out.


isn’t that the street fighter layout from their fight pads?


The Sf4/Street fighter x Tekken pads have the buttons below on the face of the controller.

(Square, Triangle, R1)
(Ex, Circle, R2)


An even equally valid point! Crown buttons, Myoungshin stick and Human-Friendly design ought to be in this stick.

That said, I may buy it anyway.


I know the WWE All-Stars Brawlstick uses the same layout. As for games, I can’t tell you; I’d like to say primarily four-button games, where the shoulder buttons don’t matter much.


Man…having the four Madcatz stick bodies (SE, TE, Pro, and V.S.), I thought I was going to stop buying sticks…but THIS? I might have to make an exception…

Any word on pricing?


£100 and it’s a deal.


tbh, don’t like the case or the layout. I wish it was a fanta stick as well. I hope you guys make a K version stick in a different case soon!