Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition Parts & Accessories


Hi everyone. MarkMan from Mad Catz here!

If you didn’t know, Mad Catz has a bunch of unique solutions for modding and customizing your Tournament Edition FightSticks! Today, we just announced our side panel availability in both the original TE style and the TE ‘S’ style.

Check out our parts store here:

If you have any questions, let me know!


I have an old PS3 TE Rnd1 that was given to me a long while back that I never use. The TE-S sides are highly tempting to pop them on.


this really is a great surprise! I was hoping for Clear (non-smoke) colored sides (to match the clear bezel and clear dustcover, etc.), will that be a future product update? :3 *wishful thinking

also is it just me or those model pictures have JLF Link on them haha


Nice! Any plans for black?

I was hoping for noir metal panels, but this is great! :slight_smile:


My wallet. It cries.


In for a set of black and white TE-S sides as soon as you start carrying black. I’d get white right now but I want my sticks to match.


Shipping & handling for a single dust cover set is $9.33!!!


The Chun-Li TE-S does have side panels, though.


Markman, Noir Panels please!


I must have missed the thread on this, but aren’t those side panels super annoying to remove?


If I remember correctly, kinda.
You pretty much have to disassemble the entire case from top the bottom, and the side-panels will be the last parts you remove from the core middle sections.


Not really, you just need to take the whole TE apart. It takes some time, but it’s hardly annoying.


Will Madcatz be selling the side panels at SCR this weekend?


Yes we’ll have all the styles/colors there.


Pricewise… well. That’s kinda expected.

…but halle-frickin-lujah :smiley:


I think the pricing is sound, IMO. Especially if you look at our overall pricing strategy.


Yeah. You know what, compared to some other things, it’s really not too bad.


what about us across the pond in the UK?

we never get opportunity to buy…


As a few have mentioned…is there a chance of replacement panels in the future ? The sides being available is too awesome…great stuff markman


When will these be available in the UK?